The government resumed the discussion about the development of the Sakhalin port Korsakov. By August it is planned to consider the redemption in the interests of the controlling stake of Sakhalin, the largest stevedore in the port of Korsakov, which by 2025 is expected to expand, spending is 90 billion rubles and significantly increasing its power at the expense containers, General cargo and seafood. Kommersant’s sources in the far East and experts doubt realness of these plans.As it became known””, the beginning of August, Sakhalin oblast together with ANO “the Agency of the Far East to attract investment and support exports” (IPAS), as well as the far Eastern development Fund shall provide to the government documents on the implementation of the project “Logistic Technopark (the Korsakov port)”. The Commission was given to Vice-Premier, presidential envoy to the FEFD Yury Trutnev at the meeting of 30 June (a copy of the Protocol is in “Kommersant”). They have to prepare an action plan to consolidate a controlling stake of JSC “Korsakov sea trading port” (KMTP) in the interests of the Sakhalin region. In addition, until the end of November the region jointly with the analytical center for the government should study the issue of inclusion of the project in the comprehensive plan for the modernization of infrastructure.Port Korsakov is located at southern coast of Sakhalin island. According to PortNews, the port’s cargo turnover in 2019 decreased by 0.7 thousand tonnes to 1.76 million tonnes of cargo. The port handles six operators, the largest of them — KMTP (containers, General and bulk cargoes) in the first half of its turnover exceeded 800 thousand 830 thousand tons of cargo turnover of all ports. The port belongs to private individuals, comments could not be obtained.The Ministry of transport “b” are unable to comment, adding that the position is prepared. The government of the region on request “b” did not answer. In IPA, “Kommersant” reported that the instruction is executed: already conducted pre-work, there is the first understanding of the concept of a project conducted road show for potential investors. In the near future it is planned to sign the investor Declaration of intent, according to API. It is expected that the port will be in the regional property, will involve Federal (hydraulic) and private investment (terminals). Preliminary volume of investments — more than 90 billion roubles, the project will be realized in 2020-2025 years at full capacity in 2030, according to the API.On the basis of the existing port of Korsakov (AO KMTP) assumes the construction of a multifunctional port and create the pivot point for the Northern sea route. Cargo base of the project will be provided primarily due to the transshipment of containers and other cargo types, with the exception of hydrocarbons from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region through Russia to Europe, says the Agency. In particular, it will be built a container terminal with a turnover of 600 thousand TEU with increase in 2030 up to 4.5 million TEU, multipurpose terminal for General cargo and 3 million tonnes per year, fisheries terminal for 1 million tons per year and international passenger terminal for 250 thousand and 50 thousand vehicles per year.In April of 2019, the head of VEB.Of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov noted the interest of the Corporation to participate in the project. The current request “b” the Corporation did not answer.Kommersant’s sources in the far East say that the development of the port is discussed for several decades, but the case never came. In Sakhalin and so many small but active ports that cater to the needs of the region and the freight traffic, says one of them. Another source of “Kommersant” notes that the road show is the mechanism of “attraction of money under pictures” and usually begin with him the port projects are still waiting for long implementation and lack of investment justifications. In the long-term development program of the FSUE “Rosmorport” by 2025 to increase capacity of the Korsakov port by 2024 is not provided.Nadezhda Malysheva from PortNews notes that the primary concern caused by the plans, by 2030 the transshipment of containers: it is not clear where will the cargo base of 4.5 million TEU. At the same time, the expert reminds, this is not the only far Eastern project, claiming such volumes of transshipment containers. For the design, examination and approval of such a project will take three to four years, at least another two years for construction, therefore we can expect that it will be released in 2025, the expert believes.Anastasia Vedeneeva