According to the current knowledge of unknown perpetrators are, as yet, during the absence of the apartment’s owner illegally on the balcony and have opened a balcony window violently. Subsequently, the offender entered the apartment and all the furniture by looking. Currently there is no information on the Stehlgut can be made. The resulting damage is about 150,-EUR.

furthermore, it came at the 02.04.2020 in the time from 06:45 to 15:50 hours on the road to Sandkamp in Stavenhagen to a slump in single-family house. The offender exceeded during the absence of the owner, the enclosure and access to the private property. After that, the offender went to the back window and got into the house. Then they searched all the rooms in the ground floor and first floor for valuables and stole it 200,-EUR cash.

In both cases, the officials of the crime duration of service, were in search of Neubrandenburg to the track and backup in use.

The investigation at the crime Neubrandenburg and in the crime Commission office of the Commissioner included in Malchin. We ask that witnesses who have made at the time of the suspicious observations in the crime scene vicinity to report. Notes takes the police in Neubrandenburg under 0395 – 5582 5224, the police in Malchin under 03994 – 321 224 or any other police Department.

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