Pandemic COVID-19 and the increase in logistical capacities has helped the grocery online store “Platypus Online” update your sales record. In the first six months the index increased by 66,2% to 8.05 billion rubles, which allowed the site to stay ahead in sales of its main competitors. But limited geographical presence and late launch of the Express delivery will not allow the platform to maintain this advantage until the end of the year.In the first half sales grocery online store “Platypus Online” (owned by “Severgroup” Alexey Mordashov) increased by 66,2% to 8.05 billion RUB year-on-year, the company said. The figure includes b2b and “delivery to productibity”. In the second quarter turnover increased by 101.2%, to 4.68 billion rubles at the same time the average bill for April-June grew by 25% year-on-year to 7.04 million RUB, and the average number of items in the order has reached 53 of the product. The company stressed that the reporting period was a record for an online store in the history of the site.The key factor of sales during the second quarter of 2020, became the epidemiological situation in the country and the introduction of the regime of movement restrictions when a large number of people chose shipping as the primary way of purchasing products, explained in the “Platypus Online.” “Pandemic is a multiple of accelerated growth in demand for shipping products, and we believe that it is not temporary, but long-term trend, shoppers feel convenience only?n shopping, and has developed the habit to this format,”— said the representative of “Severgroup”.Sales volume for the half year “Platypus Online” ahead of the online supermarket (enters in X5 Retail Group) and owned by Sberbank grocery delivery service “Carmarket”, but lost to competitors in the rate of growth of turnover. So, said in statements X5, net sales in the second quarter grew at 314,3%, to 3.59 billion roubles year-on-year, and up to half of the increase of 223.5%, to 5.68 billion rubles. “Carmarket” in the second quarter turnover increased 15.6 per cent, to 5.2 billion RUB. which is 3.5 times higher than in the first quarter, reported the company. Thus, the turnover of “Carmarket” for six months can be estimated at approximately 6.68 billion rubles, the General Director “Infoline-Analytics” Michael Burmistrov says that “the Platypus Online” until now, restricted almost exclusively to the Moscow region, while the X5 actively connects to other subjects, and “Carmarket” have actually went out to the whole of Russia, except the Crimea. In addition, the “Platypus Online” only recently launched the service “Econos Mini” offers delivery within 1.5–3.5 hours, and the segment of Express delivery today most popular among buyers, he adds. According to mister Burmistrova, with the expansion of logistics capacity and access in Saint-Petersburg “Platypus Online” will be able to better compete with and “Spermarketm”. But at the end of this year, “the Platypus Online” will give way to leadership in the segment of sales, is awaiting the expert.Senior analyst at Gazprombank Marat Ibragimov notes that prior to the pandemic by ordering products online was just a 1% buyers: now this situation has changed dramatically, and the demand will grow in multiples. According to analysts of Gazprombank, for the year, the market for online sales of products will grow from 42 billion to RUB 121 billion, in 2023 the market volume will reach 518 billion rubles., and in 2024 — 716 billion rubles. Anatoly Kostylevite a sharp increase due to the isolation of the citizens, the market of Express delivery of food by the end of 2020 may increase from 0.7 billion to 30 billion rubles, predicts the company “Infoline-Analytics”. Its main scope will provide X5 Retail Group (“Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok”, etc.), “Coswell”, “Yandex.Shop” and “Scooter”. Although the popularity of the service began to gain the efforts primarily of Internet services, in the future, the initiative can intercept major players from the offline retail, do not exclude the experts.Read more