20 Min. / rest: 30 Min. / baking time: 6 Min. / difficulty: Easily / calories p. 100 g.: 235 kcal.


For 8 sandwiches

300 ml

Lukewarm water

1 die


500 g


1 pinch


1 pinch



softened Butter


olive oil


pour The lukewarm water in a bowl and add 1 cube of fresh yeast crumble.

stir until the yeast dissolves completely.

mix the flour, sugar, salt and add the Butter.

mix Everything well and then with the hands, approximately 10 minutes of vigorous kneading, until a smooth mass is formed.

The bread dough to rise for about 30 minutes and let it rise.

The dough again, knead briefly, and in 8 portions.

every Portion of a small ball rolling.

a little bit of flour to round, flat dough patties of about 15 cm in black color roll out.

The flat of a side, brush with Oil and with the oiled side on the Grill.

About 3 minutes of grilling, and in time, the other side with the Oil brush. The bread return and a further 3 minutes of grilling.