To the end of the year the tax rate on incomes of physical persons (personal income tax), it is desirable to reduce by half — from 13% to 6.5%, said the head of the chamber of Commerce and industry (CCI) Sergey Katyrin. Referring to the requests of small and medium businesses, the official outlined the ultimate goal — stabilization of the labor market in the conditions of a pandemic. Meanwhile, according to the respondents “MK” experts, the idea is, first, impossible, second, erroneous and contradictory in nature. Personal income tax, similar to our interlocutors, is the main source of formation of budgets of the Russian regions. Accordingly, if it is halve, the subjects of the Russian Federation will lose money.

on the Eve of Vladimir Putin introduced a new package of measures on support of families with children, small and medium businesses, self-employed. According to the President, they were unprecedented: never before in recent history, the state has not allocated enough resources even in the crisis of 2008. So Katyrin with my thoughts were, let’s say, after the head of state. He also proposed to reduce the rates of insurance contributions to the social Fund to 5% and to provide workers who were on forced leave, a fixed allowance (up to 80% of salary) at the expense of the state. But only those who first paid contributions to the social Fund.

Income tax, it personal income tax — direct taxes. In its current form since 2001, when I earned a new Tax code. The document set the flat scale of taxation of incomes of physical persons at the rate of 13% regardless of the amount of income. This rate is still in effect today, being exposed to constant criticism of the supporters of the progressive tax scale. Usually all calculations for personal income tax leads the employer. If a citizen is not officially open and it does not have a tax agent to pay the tax and be accountable for income will have on their own.

“the Subjects of the Russian Federation live at the expense of NDFL, for them, is a key source of budget formation — like the Professor of Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Alexander Safonov. — To reduce rate — so underfinanced jobs, to deprive the salaries of doctors, teachers, cultural workers and other state employees.”

do Not confuse charisma with scrambled eggs: in any country, the mechanisms associated with the system of social protection do not apply to support entrepreneurs. According to Safonov, to the small business did not die, but developed, require high consumer demand generated decent wages in the budget sector. In addition, we need cheap, available credit resources. As for the idea to reduce contributions to the social Fund to 5%, then they should not do that, because in the future people will be left without pensions or will receive them in size below the subsistence minimum.

“from what sources will the income�� to local budgets, if we cut personal income tax — this question the Chairman is not answered. Regions and so there is no money, — says the Director of the Institute of strategic analysis FBK Igor Nikolaev. — In addition, the proposed measure applies to all, however, I do not advocate such universal support: there are a lot of businessmen, for which the crisis did not hit”.

on top of, said the interlocutor of “MK”, the authorities will not do: the recently announced package of measures, as measured by the amount of almost 1 trillion rubles — probably the last major package of business support and the population. It hand the money over. Stillborn considers the idea Katyrin and the head of IAC “Alpari” Alexander Razuvaev: in Russia a flat scale of personal income tax and 6.5% is too much of a free pass for Russians, especially for a secured. According to the expert, it would be better to reset the personal income tax for dividends on the shares as they are paid from the net profit, i.e. after all taxes.

“there was No sense from these proposals will not be likely to implement them there,” — says the managing partner of “Management Development Group Inc” Dmitry Potapenko. The government cares not so much about the development of the business, but about keeping the airbag in the form of funds of the NWF. According to Potapenko, the money will be families with children, will leave on purchase of the goods, and the closing credits. Accordingly, there will be no restart of the economy.