A system of mandatory labelling of medicines will be launched on 1 July 2020, moving the deadline will not be reported today by the Minister of health Michael Murashko. Thus, concerns about the impact of the pandemic on the timing of the operation of this mechanism is not justified. This means that in a month the turnover of medicines applied digital codes will be denied. Previously received in the sale of medicines without labels will not be confiscated.Minister of health Michael Murashko said Tuesday that from 1 July in Russia will be launched system of marking medicines. “This suggests that our new medical knowledge will strengthen including the safety of medical care and there will be new data on the use of drugs”— quoted by TASS statement by Minister for medical online Congress.In both cases, this will be accompanied by the confiscation of unmarked goods.Recall that by 2024, the country plans to create a unified national system of marking and tracking goods. Its operator — Centre for development of advanced technologies (CCT), created on the basis of state-private partnership.Mandatory labeling of drugs was originally supposed to run from 1 January 2020. In December 2019, the state Duma postponed the deadline by six months of July 1, 2020. However, in mid-may, the Association of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers (ARPM) has appealed to the state Duma with a request to postpone the introduction of mandatory labelling of medicines because of the situation with the epidemic of the coronavirus. In late may, reports emerged about a possible new postponement of the start of this mechanism. As justification, it has been argued that due to the closure of the borders the experts could not leave for the acceptance of the equipment and for training.According CRPT now to the marking system connected 98% of Russian, and 83% of foreign producers, almost all the budget of a medical institution, pharmacies and distributors. In the system of 61 thousands of organizations have issued over 1 billion codes.Tatyana Grishina