As explained by the Minister of labour and social protection Anton Kotkov, if previously disabled with hearing impairment were provided with phones only with the function of receiving and displaying information in text format, now these citizens can get free phones with GPS and video sharing feature that will allow them to interact in the form of video calls.

“We work closely with experts in the field of rehabilitation and habilitation of people with disabilities to a free rehabilitation program included modern, comfortable and meeting the requirements of time funds”, – said the Minister.

the Ministry also said that thanks to the actualization of the classification of technical means of rehabilitation, in the list of attached prostheses with microprocessor control.

for Example, a prosthetic lower leg foot module automatically corrects the position of the joint in response to movement of the foot. The lower-limb prosthesis will be manufactured for permanent use and replacement of sockets that will not pick up the temporary medical training prostheses, and to obtain multi-functional.

moreover, for people with a diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa will now have the opportunity to make special clothing in the individual program of rehabilitation or habilitation and get it for free. Introduced a differentiation in the number of absorbent underwear for children, taking into account their age peculiarities.

“the Necessary changes to the regulatory framework prepared and were approved, now the corresponding order is on registration in Ministry of justice of Russia”, – the press release of the Ministry of labor.

Earlier, the Ministry simplified the procedure for replacement of technical means of rehabilitation for people with disabilities. Wheelchairs with the electric drive and devices on the lower limbs and torso (afos) now will not have to send for examination before replacement.