the Relatively new word “cyberbullying” are not just known to many, he had plenty of victims in the truest sense of the word. And the victims of bullying is not only nervous teenagers, but also quite successful adults. About the main innovations of the draft law prepared by TASS said one of its authors – the first Deputy head of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communication Sergey Boyarsky. According to the Deputy, the legislative initiative involves the creation of an entirely new Russian law Institute – injunction.

Foreign word “bullying” or “cyberbullying” is banal baiting, that there is a collective insult anyone. Patient of a private hospital left a negative feedback about work of the doctor, and she was overwhelmed with literally the wave of dirty insults either doctors themselves, or their fans. Schoolgirl was expressed about a school event their own opinion, and insulted her for months.

This delalali those who aren’t liked. For a grown woman bullying a cost of months of treatment, the psychotherapist, and the girl took his own life, leaving a note, so live it any longer.

Bullying on the Internet is not divorced from the life situation. This is what people face day by day, losing health and often a lot of money.

But in the legal sense with bullying on the Internet is a paradoxical situation – officially any bullying does not exist. In our country, bullying in the Network is, and the law on cyber-bullying no. Although lawyers can and correct – the same rudeness on the Internet is governed by article of the Code of administrative offences, which States about the abuse. If we are talking about libel or threats to life and health, then it is the penal code. But how many people have been able to achieve punishment for the persecution on the Internet using these rules is unknown.

In the Russian legislation there is no special article for the insult in the Network. Insults are on the article 5.61 of the administrative code. Before this part fall under article 130 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, but in 2011 it lost power. Spreading false information and character assassination falls under article 128.1 of the criminal code – “Defamation”. “Life-threatening” – article 119 of the criminal code. But all these articles lawyers call “General rules.”

In practice, people who try to punish ham, faced with the fact that the law is the so-called ad hoc concepts. Explain – any Internet user knows what a screenshot. But in the laws there is no such thing. Therefore, to the same court took a screenshot, that is a screen shot as proof, it will have to be notarized. Each certified page is expensive.

If a person will be able to bring the offender for the offending, the penalty will be up to 3000 rubles. And only if the offender performed��camping 16 years. With proven in court, slander is more serious. Defamation is dissemination of false information, undermining the reputation. For it – a fine of 500 thousand rubles. Aggravated – 5 million rubles. But to protect yourself can, theoretically, only adults.

More than two years ago, presidential Commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova said that about 30 percent of Russian children are faced with bullying on the Internet. Although there are other statistics. So, 48 percent of children under the age of 14-17 becoming victims of blackmail, 46 percent of Teens have seen aggressive behavior on the Internet, and 44 percent had received an aggressive message. And only 17 percent of the children turned to their parents for help.

Sergei Boyarsky about the new bill says that the main thing in it – not sanctions and penalties, namely the Institute, which will give the victim of harassment the protection from the organizers of the prosecution. Therefore, the working group did focus on the legal mechanisms that will limit the contact of the aggressor with the victim.