Paulo Carneiro, the former president of Vitória, recently made some strong accusations against the current president, Fábio Mota, calling him a “traitor.” Carneiro made these comments during an appearance on the Bargunça Podcast, hosted on the Bahia Notícias YouTube channel.

Carneiro claimed that he had appointed Fábio Mota as the president of the Board during his own tenure as a way to bring unity to the club. However, he now feels betrayed by Mota, stating that he was “betrayed by those who said they would support me.” Carneiro went on to say that Mota did not have the support or recognition within the club to be elected to any position, and that he had personally put him in the role of president of the Board in an effort to unite the club.

Furthermore, Carneiro accused Mota of being “vain” and denied any responsibility for the team’s relegation to Serie C in 2021. He placed the blame squarely on Mota, his successor, stating that Mota was envious of his achievements and had learned everything he knew about football from Carneiro himself.

Carneiro emphasized that he had left the club before the relegation occurred, and that it was under Mota’s leadership that the team faced such a fate. He made it clear that he had previously been involved in a relegation with Vitória in 2005, but that he was not at fault for the team’s relegation in 2021.

These accusations and denials from Carneiro shed light on the internal conflicts and power struggles within the club’s leadership. The rift between the former and current presidents seems to run deep, with Carneiro feeling personally betrayed by Mota’s actions. The future of Vitória remains uncertain as these tensions continue to play out in the public eye.