Patriarch Kirill: This grief is given to us for life lessons

Today, even unusual, but famous palm Sunday, the day when the Church celebrates the Entry of Christ into Jerusalem, had its peak of earthly glory.

Photo: Maxim Bogodvid/ RIA Novosti Easter service will be held with a limited number of parishioners

He had just raised Lazarus, not only dead, but already began to smolder. And that shocked people spread out before him, palm leaves, and put their clothing to a great miracle-worker stepped on them, and they through this contact became involved in his great power.

– If perform human likes and dislikes, said, Recalling the gospel events, the Patriarch – that it on 100% to do with the recognition of another person’s strength – strength of mind, strength of beauty, strength, wisdom.

the Patriarch believes that the desire to be closer to strong, there’s nothing wrong. Awareness of their weaknesses and of the superiority of another helps a person to get rid of pride.

When people’s lives happen in a variety of complex or dangerous events, there is a need to be closer to the strong, – said the Patriarch.- Sick is looking for a strong doctor. Weak husband tends to be close with a strong spouse. The test therefore, who visit the families, strengthen them. Although sometimes the opposite, but most often the mutual attraction of the spouses to each other increases as the desire to enrich themselves by force of another and to protect your family and children from the scourge.

Now that we are living in a time, according to the Patriarch, “special affliction” that swept almost the entire world, many people have a desire to be closer to strong.

And therefore must “arise the desire to be closer to the most powerful Lord and Savior, who alone has the power to stop this universal destruction.”

God takes us through trials ne accidentally, I’m sure the Patriarch. About this randomness, a lot is said and written. Most are inclined to think that the whole development of human civilization, aimed at the rampant consumption of so refocused the minds of people that life was exactly this desire, and all the great ideals, the sublime and beautiful, including the beautiful ideal of faith in God – for many were gone to the periphery of life.

Photo: Press-service of the don Metropolitanate Metropolitan mercury told how to celebrate Easter in isolation

It is to return from the periphery of the center of the great ideals and allowed us this is not a random test, he said. So “we thought, what not bread uniform the person is alive, but destined for something great, even he is not fully aware of, because it is a destiny determined by God.”

– This global attack given to us in order to get people steeped in consumer psychology excessively wealthy society (and even those companies who are not rich, we live with the ideals of rich societies) realized that above all and over all, God. And addressed him in mind and heart, asking to protect their loved ones, and country in which we live, from this scourge.

If after overcome this tribulation, we become closer to God, then we will certainly win and the sorrow, I’m sure the Patriarch. “Get out of this terrible misfortune and trials stronger and more viable. And not only individuals, but may be, and the whole human family.”

the Patriarch called in the days when churches closed by order of the authorities, “hard to pray at home and spending time watching TV, when there are broadcasts of the divine services”. And then the days of forced mourning will no longer be days of sorrow and pwill renest us the victory over ourselves and open up the light and the saving prospect of movement towards God.