Panoramic tours online will show you all the beauty of our country

“In the framework of the development of the project will create digital copies of other iconic cultural locations of Saint-Petersburg”, – promised in Committee.

Panorama of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is available in a special mini-application, it works on a phone and on a PC, and you can find it in the group of the Committee on culture of Northern capital OpenID.

Digital copies today got many sights and natural monuments in the Russian regions. Their high resolution panoramas allow us to consider an interesting detail, to test the effect of presence, but at the same time to understand, will want to get there in reality. If you want to know more about this place as much as possible, using time isolation to replenish their knowledge to future travel: Luggage like travel around the world much more interesting than without it.

a Vivid example of this approach is the portal of the Chelyabinsk state historical and cultural reserve “Arkaim”. Multifaceted virtual tour posted on the portal, snap off many locations – and the settlement itself, and the interiors of the dwellings of the stone age, and modern sculpture Park, and the scenery of the surrounding mountains, and the local Museum. Panorama “communicate” with each other through jump points, so that the ancient city of Arkaim you can literally wander around. In addition, there are two types of virtual navigation – first, a menu with the names of certain areas, and secondly – mini-icons with images of panoramas and signatures. Clicking on the most interesting, you can get the most spectacular objects. In General, getting lost is impossible, and a pleasure mood will add the unobtrusive sounds of nature.

the Incredible beauty of the panoramic tour to lake Baikal appeared in the network in 2018. It was created by order of the Informational-analytical centre of water development in the framework of target program of protection of the lake. For the project was created by 55 panoramas within 18 virtual tours on Olkhon island, in the village of Litvanca in Dangeresque steppe, Sarminskoe gorge and other interesting area with unique nature. Panoramas complemented by beautiful photographs and videoroliki – if you suddenly get tired of wandering alone across the expanses of high resolution.

panoramas of the most interesting objects of Russia and the world with 360 degree visibility, with hunt doing the business structure, and enthusiasts photographers. Among them are non-profit photo project “Airpano” with panoramic photos and high resolution videos that three times in my practice received a grant of the Russian geographical society. Portal has accumulated 3000 panoramas, which with air you can enjoy hundreds of the most famous places on earth – from Moscow to Antarctica.