What digital services you introduced recently?

Nikolai Andreev: During a pandemic we have not abandoned the previously set strategic objectives, but became more operational tasks. Many processes have moved online, accelerated. Thus the key issue for us is to maintain a high level of safety technology. Digital security allows you to transfer processes to a remote format with the least risk.

Thanks to the already existing functionality of the site was very quickly running a safe service “online re-issuance of electronic digital signature”. It is highly in demand in the absence of opportunities to personally apply to the certification authority. We also hosted a remote session and the vote of members of the commissions with the possibility of signing with an electronic signature.

Our site was updated software for 44-FZ: is running a robot to gather information from external registers RNP and SMSP, functional control and logging of user actions. Implemented quick search of the purchases and preferences of the organizers, an updated calendar of events. Conducted refinement of the template documents for the region – personalized document formats; automated and simplified the process of formation of procurement documents.

In a tense remote work our specialists have completed the development and launch of unique project “situation center for the management of projects”, pilot operation which started in Kaluga region. The system is designed for monitoring and control of execution of national, Federal and regional projects and related contracts and procurement.

extended the functionality of an automated marketing platform. Members receive an invitation for bid, customers can use the AUTOFIT suppliers, analytical tool that provides a list of potential contractors to invite to participate in the procedure. Take into account the participation of the company in the procurement of the subject, and region, not limited to procurement, published on the site.

What support is needed now to your customers?

Nikolai Andreev: Popular support for the processes of procurement in terms of remote work. For this to work “hot line” on issues of procurement in terms of a pandemic, taking into account relevant amendments to the legislation.

Is almost a daily methodical support of customers and suppliers. We conduct free webinars and online-conferences on the most topical issues: the procurement of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, import substitution, procurement from a single supplier, changes in the law. The online format proved to be very popular and convenient, it allows you to share experiences and not to limit the scope of regions.

For store suppliers small purchases SberB2B was created a catalogue of products most in demand during a pandemic Covid-19.

what is the feature of the largest commercial companies under the 223-FZ digital purchases?

Nikolai Andreev: Major customers for 223-FZ is, as a rule, groups of companies that can procure how on 223-FZ and 44-FZ. Quite often they include companies that operate according to commercial rules. In working with such groups must be considered in order to operate the procurement in all directions, at the same time realize for the customer a unified approach, “single window mode”. We provide a single procurement requirements within the group, the one personal account and personalized support.

these customers quite often used its own internal procurement information system, in which the platform needs to be built. Now, for example, we have completed end-to-end integration with 1C in the segment of commercial and procurement according to 223-FZ for the company “Novaport”. This is an interesting project for us with a unified approach to different legal regimes, procurement.

All public procurements are 8 selected by the government of the Russian Federation electronically. How will it affect the market competition and the translation on the same site procurement according to 223-FZ? Why do we need to reduce the number of sites, and to standardize the bidding process?

Nikolai Andreev: the Majority of customers under 223-FZ are already working in selected government electronic platforms at carrying out of purchases from small and medium-sized businesses. The functionality of the sites is clear, was rebuilt, including the needs of new customers, not previously placed on the selected operators. In addition, many customers on 223-FZ and used to pick out selected operators for all of their procurement according to 223-FZ. So the problems with transition, we do not see.

controller For the control of qualified operators, especially under the condition of unification of procurement procedures. During a pandemic, the regulator, for example, coordinated work sites for 44-FZ and 223-FZ for the SMSP, but could not regulate those operators. And this created risks to the shutdown of these sites and disrupting the procurement of customers.

Yet the sites are still very much, some are created only for few procedures. Think everyone is aware of the need for the selection of operators for customers under 223-FZ for all competitive procurement, not only for SMEs.

From the harmonization of trade procedures and reduce the number of electronic platforms in the first place will benefit the suppliers, which will be easier and cheaper.e to participate in procurement procedures.

What are the services that are embedded on your site during a pandemic, will remain popular after the lifting of restrictive measures?

Nikolai Andreev: We hear from customers on 223-FZ, that they are glad that this difficult period has the infrastructure of the ETS, ENI procurement procedures and signing of documents. For a pandemic we were all ready. In my opinion, the main thing is that members receive all necessary services online: Bank guarantee, electronic document management financial document management.

What are the analytical tools to assist regions introduces Sberbank-AST?

Nikolai Andreev: In the regions implemented many different systems. First of all they are needed for monitoring, analysis and operational response to the situation in a particular procurement. Our customers, authorised bodies on procurement and the leadership of the region need a system for monitoring and reporting. To do this, as I have already said, we have built a system “situation center”, which was commissioned in the Kaluga region. The service allows at the level of region, municipality, a specific object to obtain current information on the implementation of national and regional projects, procurement, contracts and facilities. The observer can in few clicks find the causes of risk or problems.

the Procedure for selection of suppliers for construction works are translated into the competition, what additional services will provide the organizers of the “Sberbank-AST”?

Nikolai Andreev: We still don’t know how much demand from our customers because of the competition. Many hold the auction because it already has developed a legal practice and less questions from regulatory authorities. We want to offer methodological assistance. First, we have a free package of the tender documentation, which any customer can apply to their work, and secondly, there are paid services – consulting for complex or important purchases.

What strategy you think is most successful when purchasing small volume?

Nikolai Andreev: I believe that purchasing a small amount should be applied the same approach as for other state budget costs: the control has to be implemented in the accounting systems of the customer on the stage of the contract (not exceeded the limits that it has a valid catalog item purchased object). In our shop for purchasing a small volume of a full competitive market. In SberB2B a large number of suppliers that are not on the main site. I think this approach to the procurement of the small amount currently effective.

While the vendors only come in electronic Commerce, see competitors, assessing their strength. In some cases, vendors do not go to the main site to customers, and perform the procedure in an electronic store, as for the provider, it is much simpler and easier.

October 1, will come into force new rules for procurement by 44-FL from a single supplier up to 3 million rubles with the use of electronic platforms. How it is implemented at “Sberbank-AST”?

Nikolai Andreev: We are ready for the new rules. At the live event in Kaluga we have shown the competent authorities of the regions and the customers of the new procedure. It is largely associated with how the Finance Ministry will create a directory (CTRU). For a successful e-procurement from a single supplier should not only be required position in the catalog, but also several parameters in the vendor’s proposal: he is willing to deliver the goods a specific catalog position, declares a sufficient quantity which will be automatically reserved for the customer, ready to deliver the goods in the region and in the period indicated by the customer in the purchase notification. And such complex proposals to supply should not be less than two, so that the purchase took place.

I Want to emphasize that we are always ready to implement the innovations proposed by the regulator, so as you can see that the public procurement system in Russia is evolving, not standing still. Our company is ready for any reasonable challenges. Over 11 years of work, our team and the platform the electronic platform have gained tremendous experience.

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