Dei German pensioners can look forward to: Starting in July, you can get in the West by 3,45 percent higher pensions in the future. In the East, the values climb even to 4.2 percent.

the basis for the pension adjustment is the positive development of the gross wages. As a Basis by the Federal Statistical office annually determined values are used. They were in the year 2019 is particularly high. One reason for this is the full employment company to lure scarce skilled workers with high wages.

for the pension increases applicable to the mechanism of the German pension insurance explains: “a Rise in average wages and salaries per employee, according to the consequences of the pensions.”

High pension increases in the past few decades,

wage gains have been achieved in the past years, almost regularly. This led to climbing pensions.

high in some cases wage increases are attributable to the booming German economy. Even after the world financial crisis starting in 2008, the German companies were able to quickly return to the area and increase your revenues. This was for the benefit of employees, in the Form of salary increases – and, indirectly, well 20 million pensioners in Germany. DRV, Destatis

a High number of short-time workers level of wages

decreases as a result of the current Corona-crisis, Economists expect that hundreds of thousands of workers for a while, short-time working money. Volkswagen, for example, recently announced to apply for the approximately 80,000 employees of such aid.

The depresses the General wage level. Because short-time workers receive 60 percent of their previous net income.

in addition, a second factor comes in: Even if the German economy should recover quickly from the current Order books, allowed Employees in the year 2020, hope hardly on high wage increases. In the following years, high increases are unlikely.

One of the consequences: The pension increases are expected to level off in the coming years, significantly. High growth rates are hardly more. Everything you know about your pension

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The shows now. Earlier this week, the IG Metall coast and the employers ‘ Association nordmetall agreed on a Corona-crisis tariff package. The Union waived wage increases to help the company to overcome the current problems better. The company avoid layoffs.

in addition, unemployment will rise again noticeable, as the Institute for labour market and occupational research (IAB) warns. The experts expect at least 90,000 more unemployed in the year 2020. Also, the General wage development attenuates.

Even if the German pension insurance (DRV) FOCUS Online wanted to call on demand, no concrete Figures, and experts assume that pensions will rise in the coming years, only behavior – if at all. average amount of old-age pensions depending on the year.

Notional average amount of old-age pensions

The amount of a pension points accumulated by a retiree in his professional life is calculated according to the so-called fee. The following applies: A subject to social security gross income in the amount of the average earnings of all Insured persons brings exactly one pension point in the year. In the year this average salary is 40.551 Euro. This notional fee is increasing from year to year.

Who his entire working life through the amount of the average wage earned, comes with 35 years of insurance on exactly 35 earnings points for the pension Fund.

So if, after 35 years 35 earnings points and thus the computational gross average pensions of 1156,75 Euro in the West and 1116,15 Euro in the East. In the West, a full-charge point is currently 33,05 Euro a month pension. The free comparison of FOCUS Online (display) you will Find your optimal private pension!

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Likely to be high pension losses as a result of the Corona-crisis

Due to the above-depicted table, the average annual pension increase of 3.2% was in the West in the past five years .

Under from the average rate of increase falls as a result of the Corona effect on the labour market is only one percent per year is lower, so 2.2% , – then every pensioner has to go without in his life to thousands of euros pensions.


According to the latest Figures, as of 2018, an average pensioner receives his pension for 20 years. Women come to 21.8 years for men and to 18.1 years.

Currently, an average earner in the West after 35 years of service a pension of 1156,75 Euro per month in the year so 13.881 Euro.

Would increase this amount per year to an average of 3.2 percent in the previous years, then the retiree in 20 years would have a monthly pension of in 1897, the Euro.

the rate of increase Is only 2.2 percent per year, then the annuity achieved in 20 years, nearly a month 1666 euros.

the annual pension amount in the last pension year 2040:

annuity 2040 per year plus 3.2 percent from 2021: 1897 € x 12 = 22,764 miscellaneous €

annuity 2040 for annually plus 2.2% as of 2021: 1666 € x 12 = 19.992 €

The retirees with the higher rate of increase in pensions conceded so alone in his last retirement year, 2772 Euro more than one who only comes to an annual increase of 2.2 percent.

Projected 20-year retirement duration differences of several tens of thousand euros, depending on the extent of the pension increases. This shows that millions of pensioners are likely to belong to the Victims of the Corona-crisis – even if the taxpayer with unimaginable billions, the economy is based.

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note: The simplified model can account factors other than the rate of increase in pensions to be disregarded – for example, a possible increase in the retirement age. Furthermore, it is not disregarded, the pension increases to wage increases are based. In addition, the so-called sustainability factor plays a role. Here, the pension insurance is considered as the ratio of the contribution number of employees developed to retired people.

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