The Blue is worth the detour simply for its decor, and it attracts crowds who come from well beyond the village of Saint-Lambert.

“People came to see us from as far away as Granby and Ottawa,” says Marjorie Pinard, co-owner with her brother Michael.

With its faux palm trees and golden rococo accessories, its electric blue LED lighting and its sky blue benches, the Blue is a real eye-catcher. Little brother of the candy and dessert bar located in Longueuil on the premises of the PI-O amusement center, the Blue de Saint-Lambert offers a complete menu inspired by Californian diners: burgers, pizza, salads and other fast food classics , but served with as much brilliance as the surrounding decor.

“When you receive your dish, it not only has to be good, it has to be cute, we want the burger to be wow,” says the young 27-year-old entrepreneur. The presentation of the dishes is therefore very important. » That said, it is imperative to leave room for dessert, which remains the reason for being at Blue. “We are fans of everything dessert, and that’s really where we said to ourselves that we could create something wow,” emphasizes Marjorie Pinard. Because I only live for sugar, I eat breakfast with sugar! »

Speaking of lunches, it is not excluded that the Blue could open in the morning, but not for a year, Michael Pinard tells us. We will observe the same delay before thinking about opening franchises; the concept of two young brothers could indeed produce children before long!