shopping in Corona-times, it is no longer everyday, more like once. Easter is coming and the great shopping for the holidays. Consumer and food trade have called the Thuringian, to distribute during the Corona-crisis your Easter purchases on multiple days. Rush hours should be avoided where possible – to avoid Stress and to be able to the necessary safety distance of 1.50 meters to comply with, advised the consumer.

The trade has called on the Federal citizens before the Easter holidays to anticipatory purchases. “Think you already now what you need for the holidays,” recommended days of the trade Association Germany (HDE) on the Friday before the celebration. Careful procurement planning was “under the impression of the Corona-crisis” is important. Due to the distance regulations and access restrictions could not be operated in the grocery stores currently, as many customers per hour as before the crisis.

are the opening Hours of the three major drugstore markets over Easter, has FOCUS Online summarized in the Following:

Opening times at dm

dpa/Uli Deck dm-Filiale The opening Hours the dm is not be changed over the Easter holidays , such as FOCUS Online has learned. Christoph Werner, the Chairman of dm management, announces: “for the Easter holidays, the dm will not have to be open-markets in Germany. We want to enable our colleagues in the dm-markets in this way can for their families. Exceptions from this General procedure, there can be at individual sites, if there are justified reasons, and this is decided by the managers on the ground so.” The opening Hours are stored on and in the ‘My dm-App’. There, customers can find out more always up to date.

in Addition, have customers the possibility to order any time of the day the required products via the online shop, as well as the ‘My dm-App’ to. “With a new Service ‘Express pick-up’ next, we allow also for a quick pick-up at the selected store during opening Hours,” says dm managing Director, Werner.

The drugstore chain dm offers because of the Coronavirus pandemic, its Express pick-up now in Germany. Previously, the Karlsruhe-based company had tested the Service in Munich. So that queues and waiting times will shorten in the shops, informed the Chairman of the dm Board of management, Werner,. Customers can order the goods online and you can pick up no later than six hours later, in their store. During the order process, the customer can see whether the desired item in the selected market for the Service are available.

Current opening Hours for your branch you can find on the Homepage of dm.

opening Hours of Rossmann

dpa/picture alliance/Peter Kneffel/dpabild A shield with the inscription “Rossmann, The drugstore”.

The drugstore chain Rossmann informed on request by FOCUS Online: “ To Easter there will be no special opening. ” This means that the branches of the drugstore chain, have opened over the holidays as usual, and it’s supposed to give at the holidays, no special opening hours.

in Addition, the company supplies the stores of the Rossmann a daily basis. By each stop at the maximum quantities, could be avoided empty shelves, the report says. At the same time, some of the offers are not currently available on site – due to the infectious protection Rossmann offers his photographic service is currently available only in the Internet, coffee machines and nappy-changing facilities have been dismantled. To test products, customers benefit from up to date.

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Current opening Hours for your branch you can find on the home page of Rossmann.

Opening times for Müller

The drugstore chain Müller has not yet confirmed to FOCUS Online, whether the opening Hours vary over the Easter weekend. As soon as Müller additional information is known, you can find them here. Now in the case of Müller saving (display) All the current Müller vouchers

you will find the Current opening Hours for your store on the Homepage of Miller.

Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

Baden-Württemberg allowed, but no Opening on good Friday and Easter Monday

Baden-Württemberg food shops on good Friday and Easter Sunday contrary to initial plans, now closed. Minister of economic Affairs, Nicole Hoffmeister-herb (CDU), said that the Corona-regulation of the country will be promptly amended accordingly. Meanwhile, have shown that the trade of the possibility of Sundays and Bank holidays opening in the Corona-crisis make little use of it. In addition, it is going to allow employees to take rest days. Previously, the two churches had, as well as trade unions in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg criticized the planned holiday opening.

Rhineland-Palatinate allowed to open certain stores at both Easter and good Friday, between 12 and 18 PM, the labour Ministry announced. The special rule applies to the sale of food, beverages, Medical supplies, drugstore items, construction and horticulture, Newspapers, and pet supplies.

in the Saarland supermarkets and grocery stores allowed in the Easter holidays including good Friday open.

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No special opening hours for Easter in North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphalia , however, must remain all the shops on good Friday, Easter Sunday and Monday closed. Only for pharmacies, there is these days no restrictions, it said in Düsseldorf.

Bayern the grocery stores remain, according to a report by the “Münchner Merkur” (Saturday) during the Easter holidays.

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can lead to the Partial admission control: supermarkets equip

Fixed: shopping in Germany has changed. According to the more stringent regulations for the retail supermarket chains have begun to regulate the inlet in the markets. Among other things, in North Rhine-Westphalia, a decree of the provincial government, requires only one customer per ten square meters of shop permit area, in order to reduce the risk of Infection with the novel Coronavirus.

the drugstore chain Rossmann said recently: “In some stores we have already increased security forces in the field. This support, both in the control of the entry and to avoid queues, as well as in the protection of our colleagues.”

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