According to surveys by the Bank of Russia and Trading-industrial chamber (TPP), for loans in banks is drawn while a small proportion of entrepreneurs. Restructured loans also want a few, less than 10%, although this proportion is gradually increasing. Parallel decrease in the number of newly opened accounts, and many existing companies have decreased or even stopped transaction activity. Those who continue to work to establish a remote business model is more important than getting the loan.The Central Bank held from March 20 to April 17 poll, the results of which revealed that less than 10% of entrepreneurs have turned to banks for restructuring of loans. However, the share began to grow and in the last week of the survey it increased to 11.6%. Your survey was submitted and the chamber of Commerce. It covered about 22 thousand entrepreneurs from 83 regions. Half of businessmen do not plan to apply to banks for support because they do not see in the proposed government measures, real help, 13% were able to adapt to the current situation.Banks, in turn, speak about a reduction of opening new accounts. So, Sberbank announced that in April in comparison with March the number of new clients has decreased by half, VTB is the number of newly opened accounts since the beginning of the General transition mode of self-isolation decreased by 40-60% depending on the industry and the Bank “Tinkoff” — 35%. “Reducing the inflow of new customers in the first place we associate with a reduction in the number of new registrations”,— explained “Kommersant” in the savings Bank. As explained “Kommersant” a source at a major Bank, many entrepreneurs are postponing sole proprietorship or LLC to the end of the quarantine.However, the mass closure of accounts and liquidation of SMEs is observed. “The growth of the outflow of corporate clients we do not yet see, the customer usually do not close account and temporarily reduce the transaction activity”,— have informed in the savings Bank. VTB also not noted a sharp increase in closed accounts.”We have not seen a growth in the number of closed accounts in the hardest-hit segments of the market there are companies that still put the business on pause, and speed the bills yet, but we expect that most of them will come back to activities after the end of the restrictive measures”,— said “Kommersant” the Director of “Tinkoff Business” Fyodor Bukharov. Thus, according to him, the Bank actively go entrepreneurs who previously served in other banks. “Almost equivalent to the decrease in the number of new clients increased the number of applications to open accounts from the existing business,” says Fyodor Bukharov. The increasing number of customers due to the advantage of the model of an online Bank with Bank with offices in today’s conditions, he said.According to the financiers, the business is now stopped and trying to determine the best strategy to ��to ereit crisis. In these circumstances, lending even on the most favourable terms is not a priority need. According to the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, “and people and businesses are wary of increasing their debt burden now.”According to managing Director of the rating Agency NKR Stanislav Volkov, a private program banks to maintain SMEs is to a greater extent work to increase loyalty to work in stable conditions. Director of the group ratings of financial institutions of an ACRE Valery Piven believes that the sustainability of relationships after the quarantine is likely to depend on how banks will be able to include such customers in your operating system.Maxim Builov