The discussion was about the competition, the purpose of the Pro-League will split into two camps. On the one hand, there are the smaller clubs, which are complemented with Club Brugge and AA Gent. They will want to immediately get a line to draw under the 2019-2020 and will be a classic competition, with eighteen in 2020-2021. On the other hand, there are the clubs that have a European ticket, are hoping to impose, under the direction of the Anderlecht-chairman Marc Coucke. He just wants the opportunity to be in July for the play-offs to play with.

in an open letter to the board of directors and the executive management of the Pro League’s demand for seventeen of the twenty-four professional clubs the competition will be cancelled. “We have clubs that the football leadership has to show as soon as possible and have to make a decision,” states the open letter. “Oh, you are, by the general assembly, in which each of the 24 professional clubs are represented, it is mandated to on behalf of all the clubs, large and smaller, to make decisions in the best interest of Belgian football. We are calling on you to take responsibility.”

It is the representatives of small clubs across is that the board of directors is made up primarily of members of the club at the top of the standings alone. So is the front desk staff as chairman, Mehdi Bayat, managing the F11 (small clubs), but it is his behavior as a member of the big clubs. Pro League chairman, Peter Croonen (Genk) and members of the Bruno Venanzi (Standard), and Marc Coucke (Anderlecht), who does not know about an early end to the contest. Antwerp is on the line. Especially, with Marc Coucke, calls on his colleagues in the play-offs still have to be able to play it, even if it is in mid-July. “I think we have to be in the right flow were to be possible for a European ticket through the Play-offs for 2-to-win,” said the Anderlecht chairman of on tv.

now, Club Brugge and AA Gent respectively champion and vice-champion at the end of the race to support the demand from the smaller clubs. Also, KV Mechelen, that had a chance at the Play-off 1, in to their camp. According to the camp’s Club in Ghent, there can be no question of his play in July. First of all, because it is coronatijden a little for the longer term. But on June 12, 2021, the european cup will start, and there is, therefore, a limited period of time, it is. Most of the clubs are of the opinion that it is a classic contest at eighteen, the program works on a formula for next season. Thus, there is also the issue of relegation/promotion will be resolved. Waasland-Beveren (belgium), JOHANNES, and Beerschot, all at 1A to start-up.

the Pro League president, Peter Croonen, referred on Friday to the tv stations, which is part of the tv money to be able to reclaim it if the play-offs are not to be played with. However, according to opponents, is that it is a fallacy. The tv channels, there were no contractual right to them.

in Thursday, the Pro League is back and promises to be a tug-of-war between the two camps. In the meantime, is preparing to minister, Koen Geens, a, KB, for that the clubs are protected against the claims of the channels and business partners.

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