The job portal “” has looked at the salaries of the system of the relevant professions in more detail. Thus, in Germany, super – markets now achieve the extraordinary, with a salary of just EUR 26,800 (media content) satisfied-for a whole year’s work must.

in other words: you get little more than 2000 Euro per month – gross. The value of the cashier in the great majority of them are women – only just over the minimum wage limit. In view of the extremely high contagion risk of the Bonus, the some of the discounters and supermarkets pay their employees now is likely to be only a consolation.

More than 100,000 euros difference in the content of

The Bonus, your colleagues, the order the Were get: The retail sales-men and – women are just as responsible, now the food supply to maintain. And share as the low-earner fate: In the food industry, a retail merchant gets 28.100 to Euro. Also those who need to transport cars, our food and other goods driver on our car, are provided with every year, around 29,600 euros is hardly better. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020 So much of the net remains from the gross

it looks Totally different in the medical school. Chief physicians and senior physicians not only refer to compared to other system-related Occupations Topgehälter: With 142.600 Euro or 121.100 Euro you are one of the absolute top earners in Germany – regardless of the crisis. That is almost € 100,000 more than the average annual income of workers in Germany (about 45,000 Euro).

specialists earn twice as much as your nursing staff

Also, the salaries of specialist doctors, with around 80.400 euros to see. Health and care personnel, who take care of day-to-day in the hospitals for the sick and injured people, and now also in direct contact with Corona-patients, will have to give in about half of them satisfied. Your annual salary is 38.600 euros, or 35.900 euros. Content check (display)

do you Earn enough?

this is not about the paycheck

No wonder that these Jobs include not just called to the Dream – at least, as regards the remuneration. “In terms of the Corona of a pandemic we are dependent immensely on the medical staff, and the professionals state of emergency in the care sector and in health care more evident,” said Philip Bierbach, managing Director of

pharmacist earn well, educators and carers for the elderly are below average

is Always a good pharmacist with an income of 54.200€. Below average cut against educators. The is now a need to ensure the care of children of employees in system-related Occupations, earning an annual gross salary of of 36,300 Euro.

the Elderly are also in need of support – especially now, because of the contact limit, you will see your Relatives anymore. Therefore, many seniors need the help of carers. Employees in this occupation earn annually 32.900 Euro.

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expert calls for higher salaries for system-related occupations

Also, the professional “Journalist” was used by official Bodies as a system are considered relevant. Also here it shows that this is not a guarantee for high earning prospects. On the contrary, according to The analysis, the editors refer to Online an annual salary of around Euro 40,400, about ten percent less than the average salary.

“On the Corona of a crisis should necessarily follow a higher appreciation by society for these workers,” said Bierbach more. Specifically, the expert urges that the importance of the system reflects the relevant occupations in the future in the salary, working conditions, and pension payments.

the salaries of The system of the relevant professions at a Glance:

  • chief of medicine or doctor: 142.557 Euro
  • a senior physician or doctor: 121.083 Euro
  • a specialist or a doctor: 80.378 Euro
  • pharmacist-in: 54.170 Euro
  • Online editor: 40.411 Euro
  • nurse: 38.554 Euro
  • educator/-in: 36.325 Euro
  • curative education nurse-in: 35.852 Euro
  • elderly care nurse-in: 32.932 Euro
  • a doctor’s assistant-in: 31.030 Euro
  • professional driver/-in: 29.616 Euro
  • retail sales in the food industry: 28.126 Euro
  • cashier/in: 26.824 Euro

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