the Former labour Minister, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg Oksana Dmitrieva introduced a bill to return the old retirement age. That initiative came to the state Duma, it first needs to approve the St. Petersburg parliamentarians. Federal MPs have already expressed negative attitude to the idea. We asked the experts about the feasibility of return retirement age and find out whether there are chances of cancellation of the reform.

In made Oksana Dmitrieva the bill stipulates that the retirement at 55 for women and 60 years for men need to return for the next two years of crisis. This should alleviate the situation of workers close to retirement age, and along with employers. According to the Deputy, this measure will be more effective to the population distribution of “helicopter” money.

According to the calculations Dmitrieva, return the retirement age would require “lifting of the state” means. Pension payments will have to increase to 202,6 billion roubles this year, and 272 billion in 2021. For the indexation of pensions to working pensioners will take another 100 billion rubles.

Interviewed by “MK” experts to the initiative “to return the retirement age in place” reacted ambiguously. Among them there were supporters and opponents of the idea. However, they all agreed that the state should further support pretensioners and pensioners money.

Alexander Razuvaev, Director of information Alpari: “I agree that pension reform needs to cancel. This stabilizes the situation in the labour market, since unemployment is the main problem of the authorities. Employees who could retire, are forced to stay in their jobs because of the pension reform. In the labour market they will not be required and risk being left without a source of income. It threatens to further increase the social tension.

In this situation, the abolition of the pension reform would be a useful measure of the crisis. The state can afford it. Savings from pension reform is still not much. Plus, the oil, I think by the end of the year will grow to $50 per barrel, which will help the budget. I am not a supporter of distribution of “helicopter” money to the public. But for retirees a one-time financial support from the state would be very useful.”

Lyudmila Ivanova-Shvets, associate Professor of human resource management REU named after G. V. Plekhanov: “the Government is unlikely to return to the previous retirement age, even two years, as proposed by Dmitriev. It’s not even impractical, from an economic point of view, and moral.

it Turns out that pretensioner will be at a disadvantage – someone has had to wait for retirement, but someone has to go through these two years. Yes, and the mechanism may be complicated, it is necessary to amend the law. In addition, the crisis pretensioner are in different conditions: someone is working and in demand, and someone lost his job. Therefore it would be logical to simplify the mechanism of early retirement in the event of job loss. This measure would require additional money, but they will still be less than the amounts offered to spend on pensioners due to the return of the old retirement age.

one possible unfortunate consequence of the return of retirement age – the growth of “shadow” employment. Sought-after employees will draw pension and continue to work informally. When in 2016, stopped indexing pensions to working pensioners, then their number was reduced more than 6 million people. Employed suddenly become unemployed. But this does not mean that they do stop working, they just “faded”. With the total return of pension age could repeat the same thing.”

Tatiana Omelchuk-senior researcher of scientific-research financial Institute (nifi) : “to Return the old retirement age is advisable only for those who have lost or do not have a job. The crisis has affected not all industries. Some companies never stopped working. In some regions there were only a few cases of coronavirus. Retirement needs of those who are touched crisis.

Now the mechanism of the early retirement (old age) in the event of job loss is there, but it is difficult. Such a mechanism can be simplified and introduced to the affected industries of the address.

alternatively, the retirement age can not return back, but to slow down and reduce. For example, let retired women at 58 and men at 63. It would be more fair than to cancel the pension reform, which for the second year acts.

in addition, the return of the old retirement age entails a reduction of the size of indexation of pensions. Indeed, increased age, including, to index pensions above inflation. If we take the age back, then indexing will only for inflation. Additional allowances will be deprived of existing pensioners. Simultaneously with the pension indexed by pension capital, which will affect future retirees”.

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