in the Krasnodar territory In the first day of voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia the polling stations visited 412 thousand 505 people. The results announced by the electoral Commission of the region.

on the territory of the Kuban was opened on the eve 2799 polling stations. And each has the necessary sanitary conditions to protect against coronavirus infection. This convinced the correspondent “RG”, visiting several points in the Central part of Krasnodar.

on the threshold of the building gymnasium № 36, which houses one of the sites, each visitor is measured by temperature, is antiseptic, to treat hands, a face mask, a transparent plastic gloves and finally ball point pen to fill the ballot.

“Facilities are regularly disinfected and cleaned. In addition, we have specially installed a recirculator is a device for air disinfection,” explains precinct election Commission.

On the clock almost twelve days, the street was established was a burning heat, but despite this, people constantly come in a 10 – minute Bulletin with a voice in the ballot box threw a few people.

– because of the pandemic decided not to risk it and voted today on the site, as now I spend time at home on maternity leave with a small child, – says the inhabitant of Krasnodar Ekaterina Dregs.

– my husband is military, so the vote we took strictly two days – today and tomorrow – said with a smile young mother, Elena, came to the area with her daughter.

– And I personally didn’t want to postpone everything until the last moment. I am sure that the first of July at the polls will be pandemonium, and it is a pity just to waste time in a queue to Express their civil position – shared already on the other site of Andrew Stalmakov. The day he voted for the amendment in the company of his little black dog Knop, which is at all times kept on hand.

by the Way, in the course of the voting procedure remains sanitary distancing, even a passport does not pass from hand to hand to the member of the Commission for verification of the lists, and shows in the distance.

– In early voting we are seeing a good enough turnout, – said the Chairman of the precinct election Commission No. 2010 Evgeny Shulga. – Of course, for us is a completely new experience, never before suffrage was not stipulated in this procedure. But this format is adopted in order to fully comply with the requirements of the CPS. Within hours vote not more than 15 people. So, on the one hand, the early period is the safety and convenience of the people, and with another – will allow may to unload the polls on the first of July.

a Vote is also held in the courtyards of houses from 25 to 30 June. With the addresses read��’s polling stations can be found on the official website of regional election Committee.