the report said that restrictions will apply to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. The period of restriction: from 7 September 2020 to 31 December 2020.

it is Clarified that in 2020 in Russia it is possible to use only two types of ODS: HCFC-22 domestic production and HCFC-141b, which is imported to Russia. “According to the draft regulations, the permitted volume of imports will be distributed taking into account law-enforcement practice – 60% between the applicants who have imported these substances in 2019, 35% are between the applicants, not wazewski ODS last year and 5% among those who received a permit but never used it. To qualify for a license will not be able company that in the last five years have not been imported into the country ODS”, – stated in the message.

the Maximum allowable amounts of consumption, production and import of ODS shall be fixed annually by the Ministry of natural resources and environment.

Companies that want to import them to Russia, will have until August 21 to submit an application to the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of nature. Licenses for the import of substances until 31 December applicants will be issued by the Ministry of industry and trade.

the Introduction of quotas on imports of ozone-depleting substances takes place in the framework of Russia to ratify the international treaties: the Vienna Convention for the protection of the ozone layer 1985 and Manualstore Protocol on substances that Deplete the ozone layer 1987.

the Montreal Protocol provides for phased reduction of ODS used countries, up to complete refusal in 2030.

“Russia supports the global trend to limit the use of hazardous materials, gradually moving towards a complete renunciation of the use of ozone-depleting substances. The quotas of import of ODS are not produced in Russia, as non-tariff control measure can significantly reduce the volume of their use, while not stimulating the growth of prices in the domestic market,” – are reported words of the Deputy Chairman of the RF government of Victoria Abramchenko.

ozone – depleting substances- chemical compounds that can react with molecules of ozone, which adversely affects the protective ozone layer. The basis of ODS are chlorinated, fluorinated or brominated hydrocarbons. CFC(hydrochlorofluorocarbon)-141b is used as blowing agent of polyurethane insulation, solvent, coolant, and for other purposes.