Robert and Carmen Geiss vacationed together in Ibiza. According to eyewitnesses, there was a nasty argument between the TV couple in a luxury hotel.

For the couple Robert and Carmen Geiss, a life of luxury is standard. In their reality docu-soap “Die Geissens” the TV celebrities on RTLZWEI give insights into their lives. And document the consequences: the millionaires live in grand style. But even away from the cameras, everything seems to be XXL for Robert and Carmen. After daughter Shania finally graduated from high school, the proud parents wanted to treat themselves to a break on the Spanish island of Ibiza over Pentecost. In the glamorous Nobu Hotel, however, the mood changed on Saturday (June 4), as “” reports. The hotel guests involuntarily witnessed a mega-Zoff of the couple, in which the emotions boiled over.

According to eyewitness reports, after the allegedly drunk couple had already spent a few happy hours in the “Coco Beach” club, things really got going at night in the hotel. The initial trigger was that the room card should not have worked properly. This is said to have gone against the grain, especially for Robert. “Robert knocked loudly on the door for minutes because he couldn’t get in,” reported an eyewitness, “later he sat in despair in front of the door.”

But Carmen was also observed walking visibly angry with a hotel employee through the lobby in the direction of the suite. After the door problem was solved, however, it continued in the hotel room. Several guests witnessed that the two are said to have had a heated argument on the balcony.

On Sunday evening, “” finally managed to ask Carmen about the incident in the hotel. The 57-year-old did not deny the incident. “In a marriage there is not only sunshine, but also rain, otherwise a marriage would have been divorced long ago,” she explained the dispute. The waves now seem to have calmed down again and the mother of two gave the all-clear: “Everything is fine with us.”

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