The Belgian agencies, to quantify their loss, until the middle of april, to 2 billion euros. “There will be no entries anymore.” That is, write The Time on Thursday.

the sale of The holidays has come to a standstill. “There’s nothing inside,” said Frank Bosteels, the spokesman for the tour operator, Connections. “We have to run normal, with a turnover of 10 million euros per month. That is, we see, we completely go missing in action.”

According to the Daring of ‘ s-hertogenbosch, the chief executive of the Association of Flemish travel Agencies in the NETHERLANDS, the financial impact of the corona virus in the Belgian travel industry is huge. “Just imagine the moment until the 19th of april, lasts, and people are again allowed to travel, to suffer for the travel agents and tour operators, both in Flanders and in Brussels, a 1.5-billion-euro loss in sales.”

As of the Wallonia for a third of the market in Belgium is signed, the amount of the total energy impact of 2 million euros. This amount does not take into account the results of the market GARDEN, Belgium.

The industry is losing money on all fronts. Do not just write down reisbemiddelaars no new bookings only, they are able to also be hard to be refunded. “If a customer is on a journey of 1,000 euros has been booked, a travel agent and already have 900 dollars raised went directly to the suppliers,” says Van den Bosch. “The money is in the way. The airlines pay for the tickets, currently do not go back, even though they are legally required to register. Also the hotel staff like assets, not again.”