to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, have been adopted in many ports around the globe, restrictions, and rules that include a ban on entry, or at least a multi-week quarantine for all entering the country. For sailors who want to after a trip home, missing also flight connections in their home. The Crews will not be replaced, therefore, mostly as usual, but will remain on Board.

“Many seafarers have to extend necessarily in their contracts, to return instead to family and friends home,” says Robert Hengster, responsible for the maritime economy in the case of the trade Union Verdi. “Are ports for seafarers is also such a thing as a gas station; there was the possibility to buy things which were on Board, and to make phone calls with the family.” All of this is currently as good as impossible.

the shipowner: “The seafarers is our main

concern” In normal times, around 100,000 seafarers per month to go for long voyages, and of the Board of commercial vessels. The longer this is not possible, the greater the number of seafarers who are involuntarily on Board.

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The shipowners in Germany, the Problem is similar. “The seafarers are our main concern,” says Alfred Hartmann, President of the Association of German shipowners (VDR). “The men and women on Board, where it falls in this time particularly difficult to be away from their families, afford just now an enormously important service and we should all be very grateful.”

Not a single Corona event, in boarding the German ships

Hartmann calls for exceptions to the entry restrictions for seafarers. So far, there have not been any confirmed case of a coronavirus infection on Board of a merchant ship in the German fleet. Thus, the location of ships is different than at cruise. Exclusive exchanges Webinar

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shipping is one of the main supply routes for the economy and consumers in Germany. Alone in German ports a year almost 300 million tonnes of goods of all kinds can be handled; other significant amounts to reach Germany via the ports in the Rhine estuary, such as Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Radical stress on Board

The ships, both of goods of the basic material and energy supply, such as iron ore, coal and Oil as well as grain and animal feed, and raw materials and prefabricated parts for virtually all sectors of the industry. In addition, a large part of the consumer goods are imported, from clothing and textiles, food, medicines, toys and consumer goods to electrical goods and consumer electronics all the way by ship from Asia. dpa, Tobias Kammann, captain of the container ship Essen Express

The loads on Board are also available for Tobias Kammann, captain of the container ship “Essen Express”, in a very short time. “Both in China and in South Korea, were measured according to the Shrinkage of the authorities in all members of the crew of the temperature,” reported the captain, which is between Asia and Europe. “In addition, questions were asked, when one has eyes, whether it was somewhere in the country and whether you have had contact to the Infected.”

More forms, more food

The temperature had already become an integral part of the daily routine. “Many ports have been calling for check lists prior to the run-in. Similarly, significantly more forms from the ports to the state of health of the Crew called as in normal times.“

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The “food Express”, a ship of the shipping company Hapag-Lloyd, with space for around 13,000 standard containers, has already been loaded, additional provisions, if a delivery is delayed. Pilots, suppliers, port staff and other people from the outside come in protective clothing on Board.

shipowners are calling for the special status of seamen

During the trip, however, everything goes as always; safety distances are due to the small space difficult to implement. This is for the 26-member crew of the container ship, but also not a Problem; it can be on the high seas is not a Virus introduced. And the quarantine regulations at the ports are not already so strict, as if a Corona would be the case on Board, even if this is not the case. dpa In the case of a Crew member with a Mouth guard is used to measure the temperature on the container ship Essen Express

so Far, the policy has responded to the Problem by extending the maximum allowable period of employment on Board 12, preferably not more than 14 months for ships flying the German flag. The Union and the shipowners ‘ demand that sailors will be awarded a special Status. Border crossings would have to be possible, so that seafarers can be re-replaced in the world and in their home countries.

No Doctors on Board

The world-chamber of shipping and the international unions of seafarers have addressed a joint letter to the governments of the G-20 countries to put the issue on the agenda. “The Crew can not be pushed out of humanitarian reasons, but also for reasons of safety and labour law, on the long Bank”, – said in the Letter.

This also meant that the detachment could come up to the ship. In addition, all seafarers, regardless of nationality then it should be possible, taking into account the General safety standards of the country of course. Also, the medical care in ports should be protected; commercial ships have a doctor on Board.

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