Non-state pension funds (NPF) has agreed with the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) that the order of payments of savings must be tied to the subsistence minimum of a pensioner (PMP). However, they want to reduce the level at which assigned a lump sum payment to pay lifetime pensions. This will allow NPF to keep the part of the remuneration, experts say, but the citizens more profitable to get the money at once because the amount of pension savings is small.Private foundations have agreed with the position of the FIU (see “Kommersant” on June 23) that it is necessary to bind the assignment of the pension to the subsistence minimum of pensioners follows from the answers of the National Association NPF (NAPF) and the Association NPF (ANPP) seen by Kommersant.Lifetime cumulative pension is payable to a citizen, if the volume of pension savings allow you to pay more than 5% in relation to the size of pension. If the estimated size of the pension is 5% or less, the accumulation is paid as a lump sum. In 2018, gradually increasing the age assignment of pension but on the pension savings it has remained the same (55 for women and 60 for men). FIU now I have to double-count the size of pension: for the first time — to determine payments on funded pension, the second time for appointment of insurance old-age pension.In such a situation, the FIU, the Ministry of labor proposed to bind payments on the savings to the subsistence level (see “Kommersant” on June 3, 2019). This year FIU has requested an opinion on the issue of pension SRO, suggesting, in particular, the bar which begins the establishment of a lifelong pension, in the amount of 10% of the PMP.Although formally in a letter sent to the FIU, the NAPF agrees with the threshold of 10%, according to the President of the Association of Constantine Ugryumova, it is necessary “to reduce the limit purpose of lifetime pensions from 10% to 5-7% PMP”.Assessment ANPP, at the level of 10% of PMP, the amount of lump sum payments Association members will increase by 20%. This “will lead to social instability in the financial situation of pensioners, since, with high probability, the amount of the lump sum quickly runs out and the state will have to increase budget expenditures to increase the size of pensions to the level of 40% of the lost earnings in accordance with guidelines established by the ILO”, the letter said ANPP. Mister Ugryumov adds that the growth assignments lump-sum payments may “have a negative impact on the actuarial balance of the obligations of SPC and web.Russia (invests pension savings stored in FIU.— “B”) in front of customers”. Now, according to the labor Ministry, which leads “Interfax”, 98,7% of people receive the contributory pension singletemporarily. The FIU has not responded to “Kommersant”.On July 1, the average size of pension on old-age was about 14.5 thousand rubles., PMP Russia for 2020 is set at 9.3 thousand RUB Thus, setting a ten percent level in PMP more than a quarter would boost the level for the appointment of a lifetime pension and significantly increased the number of people applying for a lump sum payment.”The NPF offer is to lower the bar to receive a lump sum payment is made to the benefit funds, but not in the interests of their clients,” says managing Director of “Expert RA” Pavel Mitrofanov. According to him, due to this decrease in funds will reduce the leaching of pension savings, and hence will be slower to decline the reward. Considering that the average client account NPF slightly more than 70 thousand rubles of pension savings, says the expert, receiving a lump sum, albeit one-off support, whereas the minimum monthly Supplement to the basic pension is almost no effect on the financial position.Ilya Usov