the restaurant business is recognized as one of the most affected during the early stages. Themselves restaurateurs hope to open establishments on June 15. What will be now food service establishments and how they will get out of the crisis its owners — in the material life.

the Mode of self-isolation in Moscow has extended until June 14. However, in the capital and in other cities of Russia gradually remove restrictions. 1 June in Moscow again shopping malls, dry cleaning, repair clothing and shoes.

Under the ban, while restaurants and cafes — one of the victims due coronavirus industries in Russia. The owners are negotiating with the authorities about opening of summer terraces on June 15. However, everything will depend on the epidemiological situation in the capital.

of Course, now all open outlets are respected (at least should be respected) safety measures: spending time in the room in masks and gloves, hands processing sanitizers and marking. In any public place distance between the visitors should be 1.5−2 meters. This factor may not be the best way to affect the market of a public catering, experts say.

— the Reduction of seats in connection with the observance of a safe distance, of course, will affect the economy of the institution. As the number of seats will be reduced in two times. Will be able to survive this crisis, those who managed to optimize the cost of rent and salaries. But profitability in the near future to speak does not make sense. About the real changes in the industry will only be judged using three four month — said Vasilisa Volkov, the operating Director of a network “the CIDER group”, which includes pub “Oatmeal, sir,” bar “Schrodinger’s cat”, bar-patisserie “Grimm,” and karaoke “Cinematography”.

Disinfection, laboratory dishes, work in caps, journal of diseases of employees, temperature of refrigerators, retention rules, grocery stores, neighborhood delineation of dishes that will be added to the mask mode and tighter control.

the Company Wanta Group shared with the Life a study on the leisure activities of the Russians after the pandemic. According to the survey, only 28% go to cafes and restaurants immediately upon completion of mode isolation. It is noteworthy that most of the cafes and restaurants miss the residents of the Northern capital — 37% of them are willing to visit the restaurants and cafes in the first place. At the same time, only 22% of Muscovites will go to food service establishments after the lifting of restrictions.

in addition, the Deputy Director of the Institute of hospitality of the University “synergy” George Tasker noted that consumers are now divided into three parts: those who never go to institution due fears to get (most likely, they ��Udut only order food with home delivery), those who will walk in places with caution — and from required (dine-in or take away), and those who will go, as before.

as for prices, the expert is not expected to decrease in all positions. In addition to the ongoing increased expenses is the obligation to pay the resulting debt over time, the restrictive measures. Many landlords refused to discounts on rent — this is the main expenditure component. This increase in prices is unlikely. George Tasker sure that customer demand without it will recover for a very long time. Most likely to return to pre-crisis levels, it will take at least a year, he said. To make the process faster, you need government support not only business but also consumers.