there’s never been: a deep red bar, wherever you look – the admissions statistics of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) for the March 2020 for almost all car brands, a big Minus. The Disaster in Numbers:

  • 215.119 passenger cars were registered in March 2020. “Compared to the previous month, a decline of 37.7 percent was in the times of the Corona-crisis. The number of commercial registrations fell by 39.6 percent, and their share was 61.9 percent, private new car registrations declined by 34.4 per cent,” the balance sheet of the KBA. “In the past month the lowest March and delivered a result that was ever observed,” says the “automotive week”.
  • The declines showed that, compared to March 2019 the impact in all German brands, with the range between minus 20.7 per cent in the case of the Mini, and minus rate of 84.4 percent was Smart. With 18.9 percent market share of VW was, as usual, the strongest brand.

  • Only> a few brands, such as Lexus or Tesla Subaru with a plus of 1.6 percent; in the face of absolute 522 approvals the small Japanese brand but this is just a side note.

SUV-approvals to break now also a

love the German SUV is only braked once. With a market share of at least 20 percent of the Segment slumped by more than a third. The only vehicle segment that can ever capture even a slight Plus, the campers; however, this is at the beginning of the Camping season is always so. And even traveling with the RV in the times of output restrictions by the policy, rather undesirable.

In the case of the drive modes is shown that electric and hybrid vehicles – probably because of the massive state support and tax relief since the beginning of the year to belong to the winners. “In the case of hybrids, an increase of 62.0 percent, including 9426 Plug-in Hybrids (plus to 207.9 percent) was 28.735 new cars. It 10.329 electric vehicles, and therefore plus of 56.1 per cent, came more to the admission than in the same month,” the KBA. Every second newly registered car (50 percent) but is still a gasoline engine, the Diesel share is around 31 percent. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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electric cars are still in the Plus

the development Goes on so could be a part of the electric car, so the big winners of the crisis. But it remains to be seen whether the positive Trend for the Stromer is continuing, because by the upcoming bankruptcy wave in Germany, especially in the case of smaller businesses, retailers and traders just might E as a service car used and sold cars is also experiencing a decline.

Many accreditation bodies are now

closed Until may, when the effects of production and supply chain failures, as well as the economic Situation gripping stronger and stronger, and the April Figures are not available, you will see clearer. The prospects are gloomy, regardless of the engine type of the car: Because many admission offices are closed, are likely to be Minus a lot more drastic than in March. Pre-cooking is unnecessary: a step-by-step instructions for the best fried potatoes PCP pre-cooking is unnecessary: a step-by-step instructions for the best fried potatoes