almost 38 percent of the German car market collapsed in March of 2020 due to the Corona-crisis . Thus, peace prevails on the discount Front: “If the car sale is undermined by Corona practically, it needs also no sales actions. Thus, despite the expected sharp decline in new car discount-Index of registrations in the German car market has not changed,” says car market expert Professor Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the University of St. Gallen. The average discount for Internet intermediaries was around 19 percent.

Diesel premiums

come again, There are some exceptions, such as with BMW. Include “the new actions of the special models as well as the newly launched BMW-environmental premium. The evaluation of the traders-promotional offers also showed that, apparently, also in the case of Mercedes with a new used car premium in the sense of a loyalty bonus is working,” says Dudenhöffer. “When buying a new BMW or Mini with a CO2 emissions of a maximum of 140 g/km 3570 Euro premium (gross) will be offered. When you buy a young used car, the premiums amounted to 2380 Euro for the BMW and 1785 Euro for the Mini (both gross)” the car market expert. Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid – which is better? The great duel FOCUS Online/Wochit Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid – which is better? The great duel

Coming soon the Mega-discount battle?

Dudenhöffer, however, that car buyers are experiencing the calm before the big storm. Because during the simultaneous supply and demand shock on the market is historically unique, because the new production is faltering, the stocks of many dealers the full. Some need to lose weight despite the crisis, the manufacturers of cars and Parking, of which it is totally unclear whether and when you will find buyers. To do this, the threat of bankruptcies come from numerous Automobile companies. ICI / University of St. Gallen, new car discounts in March 2020: For certain models of high exchange premiums

“The car market in Germany, this year has been quite sensitive to intrusions. Only with intelligent Offers, to relieve the customer of significant risks, you can mitigate the downturns,” says Dudenhöffer.

Auto-subscriptions could be buyers of long-term risks take

One way car subscriptions, in which customers have to bind because of the uncertain economic prospects for the time being, only six months to a provider to be. “Currently, the bargain in the foreground, but the uncertainty due to Corona is not. For these reasons, about the short – term maturities of contracts-such as the Car – subscription-or possible early redemption options, such as in loss of job are very important,” says car market expert. Auto-subscriptions are usually offered by Startup companies, such as Like2drive, fleet pool, Cluno or Sixt . Volvo wants to establish Abo-concept: how it works PCP Volvo Abo wants to establish-concept: how it works

Up to 50% off conceivable

But also those who go the classical way and a car lease or want to Finance ( more info here), could soon with attractive offers. Especially models with high inventory, the dealers only take up space and running costs, are expected to be received in the coming months, with substantial discounts to. Due to the current slump in SUV’s registrations, even in this popular vehicle class specific bargain could wait.

car market expert Dudenhöffer what are some examples from past High-discount-phases. So discounts of more than 30 percent were about in August 2017, by the environmental premium can be realized – up to 46 percent in the case of a VW Passat and Skoda Octavia, or 44 percent of the VW Golf. In the current crisis, more was still there: “discounts up to 50 percent is unthinkable,” said Dudenhöffer to FOCUS Online.

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