California Gov. Gavin Newsom spent the summer campaigning for his job. With a landslide win in hand, he has continued to push progressive California further left.

After defeating a recall attempt, the Democrat signed four laws that required gender-neutral displays for children’s toys in large department stores. It also made it illegal to remove a Condom without consent during intercourse. This opened the door to a nation’s initial ban on new gas-powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

It was also prohibited to film anyonenear an abortifacient clinic for the purpose or intimidation. He also banned secret employment agreements that involved harassment or discrimination. And he limited the use rubber bullets by police during protests. He also prohibited restaurants from giving out ketchup packets or other disposable condiments to customers unless they asked.

California is one of the most blue states in America. Democrats hold all the statewide offices, and they have super majority in the Legislature. This legislature acts nowadays as a laboratory for liberal policy that wouldn’t be voted in other states. Because California legislators rarely override vetoes, the governor has enormous power over what law becomes law.

Newsom might have been less cautious if this were a normal year without an election. Newsom defeated the Republican-led attempt to remove him in September, only three days into the 30-day review period.

Three days later, Newsom signed two California laws to limit single-family zoning. This is a significant change in a state that has many communities that define suburb sprawl, but also faces an affordability housing shortage.