One of the prohibitions prescribed for the visits to markets, restaurants, casinos and other entertainment venues. To be in such places in police uniform employees “not recommended”. But there is a caveat: “if it is not connected with the performance of official duties”.

the draft Code of ethics and business conduct States that police do not keep hands in the pockets of uniforms, walk-in unpolished and worn-out shoes, as well as in the form of lost proper form. It should always be “clean and neat, well-fitted and ironed”.

Negotiated and duty “of a citizen”. “If you perform duties in civilian clothes is allowed the wearing of a suit or dress and shoes strict business style, soft colors, corresponding to the status of a civil servant, unless otherwise specified in the scope of official duties”, – is spoken in the draft code.

According to the recommendations of the code, a Russian police officer should always be close-cropped, clean-shaven, and if wearing a mustache and a beard, watch out for their neat look. However, it is clarified that it is only on working time.

But when off duty, as, indeed, and in the service police will need to “keep the culture of speech, to be able to competently and clearly and accurately convey thoughts, to adhere to the accepted speech standards, to refrain from obscene language and jargon”.

in addition, the draft code stipulates the need to respect national customs and traditions, religious feelings of citizens, cultural and other peculiarities of various ethnic and social groups.

police Also have to behave always with dignity, politely and kindly, causing the trust and respect of the people to the bodies of internal Affairs and a willingness to assist them. Prescribed to show sensitivity and attention to the citizens, especially the elderly, women, children, disabled people and those with disabilities. And while driving a car or other vehicle the police are encouraged to be a model of adherence to traffic laws and driving courtesy.

In accordance with the code, they must refrain from public involvement in gambling, to eliminate the use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for non-medical purposes or alcoholic beverages before and during the performance of official duties. In addition, law enforcement officials must not smoke in prohibited places.

Police are male do not wear jewelry “except for the wedding ring.” Men, moreover, prohibits “excessive use of perfumes”, and women cops will prescribe “to observe modesty and ��atomnoy sufficiency in the use of cosmetics and wearing of jewelry”.

according to the draft code and about the design of office workplace police. So, the police officers in their offices are encouraged “to comply with functionality, modesty and sense of proportion”. Should avoid the use of luxury goods, according to the draft code.

During the arrest, police must explain about the illegality of the actions of the offender. However, as noted in the draft code, to do it “without moralizing, friendly, convincing and clear – with reference to relevant regulatory legal acts”.

In the presence of children, women and elderly people the police should “abstain from harsh actions and harsh statements against the offender”.

in addition, according to the document, officers should “strive to minimize the moral damage in the conduct of investigative actions and operational-search actions”. “When conducting inspection, search, seizure, police must not allow a negligent attitude to the objects and personal belongings that have value for citizens”, – stated in the document.

the code also describes the standards of conduct for interrogation. So, the police must not only remain calm and confident, but also “to develop empathy for the victim, fairness to the offender, respect for the identity of the interrogators”. During inspections, control inspections and targeted visits law enforcement officers should “refrain from treats, gifts and an invalid token”.

And finally, the interior Ministry of Russia has offered to fix in the Code of ethics and business conduct requirement prohibiting the publication in social networks statements in relation to state bodies, officials, political parties and personal pictures in uniform.

police also advised not to post information, including photos and videos, allowing to determine his / her personal data, belonging to the bodies of internal Affairs, if it is not connected with the performance of his official duties.

in addition, the police should not publish information that could cause a negative reaction in society, the materials discrediting the image of an employee that is derogatory or harmful to reputation and business reputation of bodies of internal Affairs.

“In the approved code establishes ethical standards and requirements for official conduct of employees of internal Affairs bodies, including occupying positions of heads (heads), individual ethical standards and requirements for maintaining the appearance and wear uniform and when dealing with proprietary and personal information,” according to the explanatory note to the document.