The company Natura Siberica forcibly stopped the work of 80 stores, stopped the production and sales of its own brands. This was stated by the president of the organization Sergey Buylov, his words are quoted by Forbes.

We are forced to temporarily stop using these trademarks in our activities until the legal position and all the circumstances of the withdrawal of the group’s most valuable assets abroad are clarified. We hope that these, of course, forced actions on our part will be temporary, and soon the production and sale of products will return to their usual routine

Buylov noted that the reason for what happened was the activity of the co-owner of Natura Siberica and the wife of the founder of the company, Andrey Trubnikov, who died in 2021. She notified the main legal entity of the company “First Decision” LLC about the termination of the license agreement for the use of the brands Natura Siberica, “Recipes of Grandma Agafya”, Organic Kitchen and others and threatened with criminal proceedings for their production without permission and the withdrawal of goods from circulation as counterfeit.

Thus, the cosmetics company cannot continue its activities, since the brands are registered in OU Good Design. The company’s management expressed hope for a speedy resolution of the situation.

Expressing obvious personal hostility to the legitimately elected management of the Russian part of the Natura Siberica group, Trubnikova did not come up with anything better than to paralyze our production and sales

The company’s problems began after the death of its founder and owner Andrey Trubnikov. The heirs began to divide the structures of the businessman, against this background, the employees of Natura Siberica announced a rough seizure of the enterprise.

The conflict came to the public plane after Sergey Buylov was appointed to the post of president of the company on August 11, whom Trubnikov had previously dismissed, according to the company’s staff, for professional incompetence. This decision was made by the new CEO of the company Dmitry Ganzer.

The situation worsened when, in mid-August, Natura Siberica employees complained about the actions of the new president, Sergei Buylov. In an open letter, they pointed to the blocking of passes to the office of Irina Trubnikova, the wife of the founder of the company and its founder, as well as her son Dmitry Trubnikov. The authors of the letter claim that ” the methods of a rough raider seizure of the company are so obvious this time that it is impossible to hide, explain or justify them.” The staff stated that they opposed the new management and refused to work with him.

The representative of Irina Trubnikova stressed in an interview with Forbes that Buylov’s statement can be regarded as a capitulation.

By his confession, he signs his inability to manage companies of the scale of Natura Siberica and his incompetence as a manager

Trubniko herselfThe VA has not yet made any official comments on what is happening.