Grocery delivery service “the Scooter” made a rating of Moscow districts, whose residents are often needed “the caffeine doping”. It was analyzed 150 thousand orders coffee and energy drinks for the last two months.

The specialists compared the data on the sales of refreshing drinks in every Moscow district with the districts with the highest number of sales in the period from June to July. Been found that most coffee and energy bought residents of the Western and North-Western districts of the capital.

The rating is as follows: Fili-Davydkovo (10 points out of 10), Moscow (9.8 points) and Chertanovo Yuzhnoye (9.7 points), Mozhaysky district (9.5 points), South Butovo (9 points).

Less energy drinks are bought in Novokosino, Lublin and Danilovsky areas (less than one point).

Muscovites prefer Nescafe coffee, Verle, Paulig, “Jockey” and Jardin. Among the energy drinks popular Energy Drink Gorilla, Flash Up Energy, Drive Me, Tornado Energy and Red Bull. Purchases of power in excess of the purchase coffee in 1,6 times.

Director of marketing services “Scooter” Igor Rozhkov told that most refreshing drinks you order early in the morning and evening. With them, people prefer to buy croissants, bread and instant noodles.

“In Moscow, home to coffee people is less than in Saint Petersburg. Coffee Muscovites bought 12% less of Petersburgers”, — said Rozhkov. wrote that experts Roskoshestvo advised Russians not to get cold tea and coffee in the heat because of their high caloric content. Experts stressed that in a-liter bottle of ice tea contains 40-50 grams of sugar at a recommended dose of 25 to 50 grams.