the Tourist season this year under great threat – because of the coronavirus, the Russians can’t go to other countries for several months. Now, however, finally seemed to “light at the end of the tunnel”: the first 8 countries ready to open their borders for Russians. Who and on what conditions ready to receive tourists the Association of tour operators of Russia.

Until recently, the Russian tourists could not travel abroad, and for two reasons: first, they were not allowed there, second, they had the opportunity to travel – in terms of the pandemic in Russia had imposed restrictions on international flights. And if the hard internal limits, according to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova will begin to withdraw in stages from the 15th of July, that bans entry to the country stops working now. The first 8 countries have announced that they want to see Russian tourists.

among these countries included the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Cuba, Maldives, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Croatia. In these countries it is theoretically possible to travel already on 15 July, provided that the necessary permits for the restoration of air links will give the Federal air transport Agency.

According to preliminary information, the entering these countries will be possible only if there is a certificate confirming the absence of tourist coronavirus. In addition, with the passage of the inspection required part will be a temperature measurement from the visitors. There are other possible measures. In particular, some countries may require travellers to download an app that will track their location.

With high probability, these eight countries the list is not limited. According to the Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia of Maya Lomidze, it is expected that soon their doors to Russian tourists, will open Italy. There are developing the new rules, according to which Russia has good chances to get on the list of countries from where tourists can come to the Italian Republic.

In the future we can expect an even greater number of countries that will be ready to receive visitors from Russia. However, even among them you should choose those States in which the situation of coronavirus is the most stable, and the disease brought under control, experts say.