“Christmas is childhood, magic, joy, family…”, lists Nathalie Collet with inexhaustible enthusiasm. She translated these themes into a Christmas decoration that bears the fanciful and non-conformist imprint of her company, mūz.

The visual artist welcomes us into her living room where she has recreated a Christmas in her own way (to be discovered in the following screen). The whole arouses astonishment at first, then wonder as its touches of humor and madness are revealed. The effect testifies to a vision of design that does not take itself seriously, the same one found at mūz, whose boutique moved its premises from rue Atateken to avenue Laurier this fall.

Christmas is also about abundance, continues Nathalie Collet. Besides, this festive montage does not measure up. “Obviously I would never live in such a busy environment all year round. Normally, I like the decor to be discovered. Creating impact does not happen through the accumulation of objects, but through a good dose of madness placed in the right place. »

This could be seen as a contradiction. However, Christmas obeys its own rules. He shows up with his excesses and above all, with this playful side that has everything to please him.

Christmas at the mūz is nothing classic. No trees, garlands or ornaments are sold at the store. “I’m incapable of being classic anyway. It’s not me,” admits the owner of this den of curiosities, admitting to not having that fiber of an interior designer which would allow her to adapt to the tastes of her clients. ” I can’t. My signature is very precise. When a client comes to me with a classic interior, I suggest the touch that will elevate the decor, that bit of madness. »

What Nathalie Collet is, on the other hand, is a mind that thrills at the idea of ​​transforming shock absorbers, unearthed in a surplus of automobile parts, into coffee table legs. Of those who enjoy transforming yet another discovery into a light, like the one that lights up this festive decor like a melting ice cube.

She constantly creates and never in the same way. “Because life is a path of experiences. So why experience the same thing twice when you can do it differently? she asks, offering her answer. I change, I evolve, because I am free. »