Elon Musk reacted to the changes in the Dogecoin cryptocurrency blockchain network. In the social network Twitter, the head of Tesla responded to one of the users who gave in detail the innovations inside the cryptocurrency-meme. The Forbes publication drew attention to this.

In his Twitter, Musk has repeatedly mentioned the cryptocurrency meme, influencing its course. This time, an anonymous user wrote in his microblog about a new reform in the Dogecoin cryptocurrency blockchain network. The user said that the network needs more new nodes that will help secure it and contribute to reducing the commission. “After the growth of the share of new devices, the update will be released,” added anonymous. Musk responded to his tweet with one word — “important”.

In 2021, the entrepreneur became one of the main supporters of Dogecoin, which caused anger in the bitcoin community. In July, during a live discussion with Twitter creator Jack Dorsey and a major investor in Tesla and bitcoin, Katie Wood, Musk elaborated on his previously put forward ideas for using Dogecoin and Ethereum to ” maximize transaction speed and reduce transaction costs.” “Maybe there are some advantages in combining something like Ethereum and Dogecoin,” Musk said, making it clear that he has Ethereum tokens in addition to the existing bitcoins and Dogecoin.

At the beginning of 2021, Tesla bought $ 1.5 billion worth of bitcoins and continues to keep them on its balance sheet. Despite such support for this cryptocurrency, in May the company suspended the sale of electric cars for bitcoins due to its non-ecological method of obtaining it. Bitcoin consumes too much dirty energy from coal-fired power plants. But Tesla said that, “most likely”, it will resume selling electric cars in bitcoins again.