Mobile operator MTS has received a license to launch networks of the new standard 5G in 83 constituent entities of Russia on the frequency of 24.25–of 24.65 GHz. The company intends to use them to create private networks for industry, retail, oil and gas industry and logistics. For the development of 5G in the mass segment requires a range of 3.4–3.8 GHz, which in Russia is not yet available.MTS was the first in Russia licensed to provide communication services in the new standard 5G 24.25–of 24.65 GHz in 83 regions of the country, the message of the operator. Roskomnadzor issued the license for a period up to 16 July 2025, the provision of services must begin no later than July 16, 2022.The basis for granting the license was the decision of the State Commission for radio frequencies (SCRF) on March 17, according to which frequencies in the range of 24.25–of 24.65 GHz in Russia allocated an indefinite circle of persons for the creation of networks 5G. Thus, operators can use for building 5G network existing frequency without issuing separate decisions of the SCR.The first users of the new generation network will be the business customers and large industrial enterprises, have explained in MTS. Soon the company will present solutions for industrial enterprises using 5G. Their number will include solutions for industry (machine vision, predictive Analytics and digital counterparts to control equipment), agriculture, forestry, oil and gas (inspection of infrastructural facilities with the help of drones), medicine (remote surgery and patient monitoring), retail (digital retail facilities and full-scale biometric payment systems) and logistics (automation of warehouse operations and unmanned forklift trucks).However, this range is used to create a 5G network in a number of countries, including Italy, Norway, UAE, Singapore, Uruguay, South Korea and Japan. Priority for 5G in much of the world recognized frequency of 3.4–3.8 GHz, but in Russia they are engaged in security agencies. As reported by “Kommersant” on 28 July, because of their position, the Ministry is still unable to agree on a concept for the development of 5G in Russia.Julia Silence