Previously, in land transport, 23 rubles were deducted from the Troika for each transfer. And since yesterday, citizens have had the opportunity not to overpay for trips made within 90 minutes. “This measure will attract new passengers to land transport. After all, many people chose a longer and more inconvenient, but less expensive route, ” Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog. – Now they will be able to save both time and money. Urban ground transport is ready to increase passenger traffic.”

To take advantage of the benefit, you need to link the “Troika” to your personal account on the portal or in the application “Moscow Metro”. If something doesn’t work out, call 3210 from your mobile phone. Then wait for 12 hours – the system needs time to link all the data. And then you just put a “Troika” to the turnstiles and save money. It is only necessary to take into account two points. First, you can only transfer to different routes for free. Secondly, 23 rubles will still be debited when transferring to ground transport from the metro, the MCC and the MCC and back. “A free transfer will save money for about 500 thousand passengers a day,” Sergei Sobyanin noted. – For those who travel regularly, the annual savings will be up to 11 thousand rubles.”

Discounts also apply to New Moscow. As previously reported by “RG”, tariff zoning was canceled for the attached settlements. That is, now a “new Muscovite” working within the boundaries of the MKAD can pay 42 rubles once and get to his office in the old borders even for two or three transfers.

You can also save money on traveling in the subway. The cheapest way will be to go to the subway not even on the “Troika”, but on the ” Mir ” map. If you link it to any payment application in a smartphone like Apple and GooglePay and pay at the turnstile with a gadget, you can save 20 rubles on each pass. First, 46 will be written off, and after a few minutes, 20 will return. If you pay simply with the Mir card, the discount will be 10 rubles. The promotion will last until the end of the year. The Moscow authorities announce that in the future the ticket system in the city will become more convenient and flexible.