In the course of implementation of separate waste collection programme, the Moscow government had to deal with a variety of questions from citizens. Someone hasn’t understood the importance of waste sorting, who does not immediately understand how to use the blue and gray containers. But perhaps the most original was the speech of the Deputy of the city Parliament Eugenia Stupina. The Deputy attended to the question of why no one still not engaged in careful weighing of different varieties of collected debris. Obviously, in this Mr. Stupin sees the main task of the city authorities in the current environment.

“Struck by the response of the Department of housing on implementation of the RIS in Moscow. They do not consider, many gathered recyclables, do not consider changes of the number of non-recyclable waste. All they analyze the complaints on the placement of containers,” – bitterly complained about the Deputy in three of their accounts in social networks.

During the epidemic of the coronavirus municipal services work in the regime of high alert, constantly carried out the disinfection of urban spaces and building entrances in which there were cases of the disease or the citizens reside, is placed in the visual observation. The capital is confident enough to cope with the spread Covid-19, not allowing any emergency or major accident. But it’s not, apparently, the Deputy — in fact, it is important to weigh residents discarded garbage, and the one in the blue containers should be weighed separately from that in the gray containers.

Perhaps these statements can be called banal populism. By the way, weird topic — not his only initiative. In April, he managed to solicit the municipality on the number of redeveloped under COVID-19 hospitals and rules for the burial of the dead from coronavirus.

Why try to complicate the work of the city authorities, loaded their “scavenging” instead of fighting the epidemic? It’s hard to say. But, most importantly, such efforts are completely meaningless. At least because the relevant services of the city hall in full possession of information about the program of separate waste collection and its implementation.

for example, last year Moscow has collected from the debris of about 630 thousand tons of secondary material resources is about a quarter of municipal solid waste in the large urban operators under long-term contracts. In the first quarter of this year, after the transition to separate waste collection, a selection of secondary material resources in sorting has increased over the first quarter of 2019: 216 thousand tons in 2020, against 126 thousand in 2019 figures, of course, throughout the year can vary significantly, but if the current trends continue, the annual volume of recycled resources, gendercluded in the same sort, that is enhanced by separate collection will amount to about 867 thousand tons.

That is “garbage” reform in the capital is in full swing and shows, frankly, good results. Another thing is that to sum up the results immediately after the start of the program prematurely. Moscow today makes only first steps in solving their environmental problems, and other, less important, tasks the city authorities have to solve literally in real time. Strange that occupying a fairly important post of the Deputy of Moscow city Council do not understand.