Moscow authorities cancel 900 thousand digital passes

In the capital for the day issued 3.2 million digital passes to get around the city by car or public transport. While the results of the initial inspections will be cancelled around 900 thousand admissions, according to the Telegram-channel Moscow headquarters coronavirus with reference to the head of the Department of information technology Edward Lysenko.

He said that voided passes contain incorrect or inaccurate data (e.g., names with numbers, zero and incorrect passport number, TIN). In the city hall urged residents not to issue passes “”just so” for show or “just in case”” and generally to remain at home.

“the Passes are issued on application principle, however, all information is then checked, and especially data on employers. If any data is entered incorrectly or is invalid, the entry will be forfeited, and citizens reporting false information will be brought to administrative responsibility”, – said Lysenko.

Making digital passes for travel to Moscow on personal, service and public transport began on 13 April on the portal Since April 15 there is a gap will be required. At the entrances to the capital already raised the cordon, the traffic police will check your permits entering of drivers and to prescribe penalties for their absence.

first day of work, the service passes stuck. In the mayor’s office explained it to customized cyber attacks, including from abroad. In the operational headquarters said that the proposals “put” the site through the generation of a large number of queries appeared on the portal JoyReactor. Information about it is sent to law enforcement agencies.

in Addition to the website, to arrange a telephone hotline or by sending an SMS to a short number. The correspondent of the BBC Russian service on Monday tried seven times to call the tip lineYu, but every time the call is either dropped or did not have rings. On the eighth time there was a connection, but the robot said that all operators are busy and advised to call back later.