Projects in the field of urban air mobility are actively developing all over the world. According to expert estimates, the drone market already has hundreds of projects of new aircraft, the amount of investment in which has reached five billion dollars.

Pilot tests are being conducted in such megacities as Seoul, Dubai, Hong Kong, Vienna, Munich. Moscow is carrying out systematic work, including the creation of the necessary infrastructure. The projects of the participants of the Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC) in the field of urban air mobility were presented for the first time at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021, held at the end of July in Zhukovsky.

Among the solutions of the capital’s developers are electric motors for drones and other urban transport mobility systems. Compared with traditional engines, they are characterized by lower cost and high technological efficiency. Their implementation will create new industrial automated production facilities, as well as jobs.

According to her, the use of air transport in megacities is an issue that requires a comprehensive approach both from the point of view of legislative regulation, and from the point of view of creating infrastructure, technological readiness and emotional readiness of citizens themselves for such a method of transportation.

At MAKS-2021, MIC also presented an unmanned monitoring system using artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies. The device can be useful in finding missing people, for fixing fires and other emergency situations. For example, according to the behavior model, he can recognize a person drowning in water.

Also among the capital’s developments is an unmanned universal platform for remote sensing. This is a new modification of the data collection device. The result of the complex’s work is a high-precision digital 3D model of the terrain for effective design of urban space.