More than half a million residents and guests of the capital visited the “Summer in the City” sites.

During the month, from July 29 to August 29, 142 restaurant and shopping chalets worked at 19 sites, where everyone could try and buy original dishes from different cuisines of the world and unusual desserts (for example, gorgonzola-flavored ice cream, chili pepper jams and carrot jam with calendula).

Skate parks, where more than 23.6 thousand people visited, and carousels, on which more than 99 thousand visitors rode, worked at the fair grounds.

“Summer in the city” — a gastronomic journey around the world. At the fair, you could taste desserts from different parts of Russia, as well as from Turkey, Belgium, England, Spain, Italy, and Japan. Visitors of the “Summer in the City” could get acquainted with the culture of these countries and discover new dishes.

For example, manufacturers of the North Caucasus presented their products. It is there that berries are grown in ecologically clean areas, from which original desserts are made. The crop is harvested twice a year, only spring water is used for harvesting. Guests were treated to craft sauces without preservatives and thickeners: berry, fruit and tomato, authentic jam with a low sugar content. In addition, at the fair grounds, you could try melon with grilled bacon, grilled nectarine with caramel syrup and cinnamon, skewers of fruit and scallops.

On the hottest days, visitors could refresh themselves with cool lemonades (cucumber with elderberry, cherry, watermelon-cucumber), as well as an aperol and a cocktail based on pears and basil.

“Fried” ice cream and Asian mini burgers: what else has prepared “Summer in the city”

There were two sites in the city center — on Tverskaya Square and Revolution Square, the remaining 17-in other districts.

The trade will continue in the future, but already within the framework of the Flower Jam festival. It will start on September 1 and will last exactly a month. At the festival, you will be able to admire the designer gardens, taste desserts and dishes prepared according to author’s recipes. A Russian forest will appear on Revolution Square, Stoleshnikov Lane will turn into a southern resort — pergolas with wisteria and branching roses will be placed there, and a composition “Garden of aquatic Plants”will be created on Kuznetsky Most Street at the entrance to the TSUM.