More than a quarter of Russian companies are planning to cut staff salaries

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In the next six months, 27 percent of Russian companies expect to reduce staff salaries. This is evidenced by the intelligence service for job search Headhunter, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”.

a Survey conducted on the site showed that 30 per cent of firms expect to change the salary will not have to. Of those 27 percent who said about a potential decline, 9 percent believe in the use of this measure, 18 percent are in doubt.

Despite the crisis, 62 percent of companies spending on compensation of employees is still not corrected. At the same time, a sufficiently high tendency to reduce the number of employees – 12 percent of respondents are willing to reduce staff in the next six months, 25 percent are inclined to the decision.

company Representatives also answered the question of how to assess the position of the firm. Increase in the number of firms that characterise the situation as “rather negative” or “very negative”, and slightly decreased the proportion of companies that feel steadily (from 49 to 36 percent).

“Under the greatest threat today – a sector of the economy associated with the scope of services, catering, sports, industry, exhibition activities, tourism. No matter where we are in the hospitality sector, in the field of culture, entertainment,” – said the President of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Sergey Katyrin.

last week, the Russian government has adjusted the list of the most affected by the coronavirus COVID-19 industries. In the list appeared to be tourism, passenger and cargo transportation – only 9 sectors of the economy. The list was supplemented with film and dental practice.

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