Refuse from being imposed on services. these include insurance, Concierge, security, CCTV, landscaping and beautification of the local area. But if the payments of home insurance – the decision is strictly individual, the decision to pay the Concierge, security and others take the owners at a General meeting. If the meeting decided to pay for it, even voted “against” are required to pay. In this case, you can only check whether a meeting was held.

If necessary, submit a petition to the court to exclude the imposed services of receipts. Management companies often include additional services into the General receipt, their failure to pay shall entail the total arrears of rent. And this, in turn, deprives the owner of access to grants and payments if they are laid off.

Demand the allocation for substandard services. First you need to make a formal complaint to the management organization for the provision of services of inadequate quality or that they do not appear. These facts should be fixed – for example, causing the technique to show a dead lift or barely warm “hot” water. If the UK officially refused to recalculate, go to court with the requirement about compulsion to spend it.

Check your calculations. the consumer has the right in case of doubt in the calculations to apply the criminal code to provide information on the methods of calculation of charges and the applicable tariffs. This right can and should use.

don’t pay for an empty apartment. If people went for a long time, you should unplug all appliances or switch them to energy saving mode. If an owner pays the standards, not by the meters since their installation is technically impossible, it can recalculate the payments for water, Sewerage, electricity, gas. The recalculation can be and ask for garbage collection for the period of absence. To do this, write a statement in the criminal code, attaching the document confirming the absence (a ticket, a certificate of assignment, a certificate from the President of the horticultural society, from medical institutions about hospital treatment, etc.).

Reduce the fee for entrance. Installation in the stairwell of energy saving lamps with motion sensors, whole house counters of water, heat, electricity, eliminating heat loss through the insulation of doors and Windows will save all the residents. Responsibility to address energy and heat loss lies with the management company.

Earn money on the common property. Zealous owners will use this opportunity as: rent, technical floors, roof, halls – for example, to install the equipment of Internet service providers, advertising signs, vodomerov. Received��s funds can be spent on obschedomovye needs, improvement and overhaul. The owners can thereby reduce your payments and even get rid of them at the expense of the proceeds.

Contact support. In a difficult financial situation can apply for a subsidy or compensation payment for utility services. The subsidy can be given to those who pay communal services exceed 22% of revenue (in some regions the percentage is lower). Her make out in the DCP. Some categories of beneficiaries (parents with many children, persons with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, etc.) are entitled to receive compensation for payment of utility services up to 50% of the payments. The compensation does not deprive the right to the subsidy.

Reduce consumption. Finally, not to remind about the possibility to reduce the consumption in his apartment. To help save energy-saving lamps, household appliances of a class “A”, the lens of the water in the shower, water flow regulators in taps, toilets cisterns with the possibility of a “small” drain, etc. Fix leaks in faucets and pipes. Turn off appliances when leaving the house – it will reduce passive consumption.