Fearing coronavirus neighbors, the Russian tourists EN masse refuse from booking hotels, massively purchasing individual houses on wheels. It was a joke. If seriously, then the demand for “mobile real estate” on the eve of the summer tourist season is really growing. “Money” appreciated how this summer will be the best journey in your own home.Popular abroad the image of the snail, which travels drags cozy house, is gradually becoming popular in Russia. According to the study Avito, courtesy of “Money”, at the end of 2019, the demand for motorhomes in Russia grew by 29%. In some Russian regions the growth of interest in mobile home was substantial. So, in Novosibirsk in the year the demand for motorhomes has increased by 88,7%, and in Tyumen — doubled. Although there are regions where the enthusiasm of the journey from their home has decreased: for example, almost a quarter fell, the demand for mobile homes in Togliatti, decreased by 8% in Perm.The principle Wikipedia caravans began to appear in 1930-ies, initially in Europe. But the flourishing sales of motorhomes happened in the USA in 1960-1970-ies, aided by the hippie movement, for which residential auto was one of the tools search of freedom from society and civilization. Today, motorhomes, or so-called caravanning in the US and Europe is an impressive industry. Only in one of the Old Park such equipment has about 6 million cars in the U.S. — about 10 million In Germany, the turnover of car sales and services related to housing on wheels, is €9.5 billion per year.In Russia sales of motorhomes while is much more modest: according to participants of the market, their volumes are estimated at several thousand units a year. But we have formed a range of caravans. Fundamentally they can be divided into two key types — this house in the form of trailers that must be towed on a different machine, and “motorhome” — self-propelled design, where the living space and car are one.Home-the trailers themselves are much cheaper, but have a number of disadvantages. Primarily for the transportation of such houses it is advisable to have a car more powerful, for example, the SUV with the motor not less than 200 HP And move long distances with such a bulky design, not very comfortable at speeds over 100 km/h in the house-trailer can create turbulence or “yaw” from side to side, not to mention the fact that somewhere on mountain roads or narrow city streets to carry such cargo requires special skills. Do not forget that to transport large caravans (when the mass of the trailer over 750 kg) you need to have an additional category of license authorizing the mark category “E”. And, perhaps, chapterstion, the lack of travel houses-trailers is that, according to the rules, to be in the house-the trailer while driving is strictly prohibited. So even in the presence of at hand a comfortable bed during long journeys, passengers have to live in car-tow.These deficiencies deprived of a “motorhome”, or mobile home, where adapted for housing space and the vehicle constitute a single whole. This car easier to manage, but more importantly, while driving participants can comfortably use the bed and the other benefits of the mobile home. But for this travel option will have to pay a higher price.Motorhome for the price quarterisation the summer tourist season, the price of motorhomes increased (as well as the price of cars). According to estimates of “Avito” for the last two years the prices of homes on average increased by more than 10%. Structurally, motorhomes consist of a so-called chassis of the base car brand. Usually it is capable to transport heavy loads, light commercial truck type Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Fiat Ducato, on which a superstructure in the form adapted to the travel housing.Today the trendsetters on the part of motorhomes are recognized world brands in this sector, as the German Hymer, Buerstner, Hobby, Slovenian Adria and Sun Living, Italian Rimor. “As passenger cars and SUVs, caravans are divided into classes and vary in cost. For example, in the budget class now popular such model like Sun Living S70DF, in the middle segment — Adria Matrix PLUS created on the platform of the Fiat Ducato, the premium class is a model of Hymer BMC-T 680 on the chassis Mercedes-Benz Sprinter”,— said Konstantin Avakyan, head of projects business processes GK “Avtospetstsentr”.As for prices, in the current season, they can reach tens of millions of rubles. “Price dispersion in the new “self-propelled motorhomes” now ranges from 3.5 million to 10 million rubles,— says Alexander Epifantsev, head of the marketing Department of the company “Yachts on wheels” specializing in the sale of motorhomes.— We have to admit that Russia is still not very understand what the difference is between brands of motorhomes, so the Internet offer a huge number of unknown brands. We believe that the most well in Russia proven Adria, Hymer and Carado Living Sun”.One of the most affordable in this season of mottomo can be called a model of the Sun Living V60SP. This machine is powered by Fiat Ducato and has a diesel engine with a displacement of 2.3 liters and capacity of 130 HP Inside the machine has a convenient kitchen unit, you can stand at full height (height in the house is 190 cm). But this motorhome has only two beds (albeit very comfortable, length 190 cm). The price of such cars in Russia carry��flax small — 3,8 million rubles. For travel in a larger composition the best fit model Adria Matrix M670SP. Here already there are five comfortable berths. This car is powered by Fiat Ducato engine 2.3 liter (150 HP) and automatic transmission, the new state offered almost twice as much — 6.4 million RUB over the height of luxury mobile homes you can call the Hymer model BMC-T 680. Here, in addition to five comfortable beds, kitchen, shower, toilet, and furniture with natural wood provides such options as a separate bed for the dog, as well as a signal amplifier for cellular communications. The price of this model in this season of 9.5 million rubles. However, there are more budget options of caravan. To start with, more recently, its products in this area offer the Russian manufacturers, the prices are more affordable than in foreign models, the quality and comfort is quite acceptable. For example, Autocamper, which recently launched its own production in Kolomna, offers a very comfortable Helix model 4200. It is built on the chassis of French cars, Citroen Jumper 130-horsepower diesel engine, inside there is a gas stove, sink, 90 litre fridge, bathroom including shower and toilet, heating system, two tank 100 l for clean and waste water, finally, comfortable beds for six people. The price is at least 30% lower than their foreign counterparts — in the region of 4 million rubles. the Russian manufacturers and original budget solutions — such as mobile home 2400 Helix, which has four beds, there is a kitchen, shower, toilet. The housing is cramped, but its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is a residential unit that before you travel you can install on the car in the back of a pickup truck. And after travel, respectively, to remove and store, say, in the garage. This model offers a total of over RUB 1.2 million more affordable homes-trailers that do not have in their design the vehicle chassis, respectively, and are much cheaper, although the comfort is not inferior to the amenities integrated mottomo. Small, cosy, comfortable house you can buy for 1 million rubles hit of the season can be called a trailer-dacha Adria Aviva 360 DK. At rather small sizes (length 4.1 m) in this model, there are four beds, convertible furniture with sofa and table, tank for clean water, a bathroom with toilets, shower, refrigerator, wardrobe. This trailer is now 1.1 million RUB Well luxury house-trailer Buerstner Nordic 700TS with a length of 8.8 m for seven people with a semblance of a living room (with large TV), kitchen with gas stove three burners, Underfloor heating, spacious shower and separate toilet this season is offered for 3.4 million rubles. Very low cost options novogo house trailer Russian production can be found for 400-500 thousand RUB ocupacionales Complex, in addition to buying a new RV you might consider buying a house on wheels used. Decent “motorhome” used car reputable foreign stamps in good condition this year can cost about 1.5–2 million RUB, used comfortable house-trailer can be bought for 400-500 thousand. In the era of “sharing” schemes of owning vehicles have the option to take a motorhome to rent. In Russia rent a large self-propelled house for six people, for example, in such places as Moscow, Rostov-on-don, Tyumen and Gorno-Altaysk this season will cost 10-15 thousand rubles a day. Abroad, such as Italy or Spain, motorhome for six-seven seats in the high season (July, August) can be rented for €150-200 a day. More compact motorhome for two to four people are available for €90-150.When buying your motorhome is worth considering the cost of the service and the content. There are specific costs, such as filling gas cylinders or refills with water. However, they cannot be called significant: for example, to fill gas cylinders for motorhomes in Russia now will cost 1-2 thousand RUB Directly during the trip, additional charges will require a stop at specialized sites, where, for example, you can change the water and connect to the mains,— in Russia the price of such Parking for one RV will cost 200-500 rubles a day, in Europe, for example, on the picturesque coast of Spain, camping / caravanning can be found for around €20-30 a day.Well, the rest of the operating costs at the motodom are commensurate with the expenditure for the maintenance of a regular car. “The main item of operating costs for motorhomes can be called a standard technical maintenance of the car are two scheduled maintenance, tire service, insurance, vehicle tax,— says Konstantin Avakyan.— Based on these current expenses travel in the motorhome will work out more economical than traditional tours.” “A large part available on the market of motorhomes built on the basis of light commercial vehicle, which implies the reliability, maintainability of major components and assemblies, as well as low maintenance costs: maintenance THE official dealer of the brand, which built motorhome will cost about 15-20 thousand rubles. However, the repair and maintenance of residential modules and installed in the equipment can increase this amount to 50-70 thousand rubles”,— said in his turn, Artem Badalyan, Executive Director of advertising Agency “trust Groups”.Source: “Money”Really, if you compare housing costs in travel and current expenses on motorhomes, the comparison will be ��olzu last. In his travels in Russia a hotel room for four to six people on average now cost 3-5 thousand rubles for the night, or 40-70 thousand RUB over two weeks in Europe this season, for example, at least €50-70 per day or €700-1000 for two weeks or more.Although if you take into account the initially high price of the motorhome, the return on purchases, particularly of new housing on wheels, is highly questionable. Say, for the price of motorhomes 6.4 mln. and annual operating costs 70 thousand RUB. to live in a Russian Inn hotels 1617 days, or 4 and a half years in a row. If we take one 30-day year, for the money, you can travel for more than 50 years (and if it is during travel to home Park in the paid campsites). Although if you take into account the cost of affordable house-trailer at a cost of 1.1 million rubles., this motorhome will pay off in less than 10 months of continuous travel to Russia or seven months abroad.However, fans travel in the RV I believe that such straightforward estimates are incorrect. Still in the motorhome, you can reach inaccessible places where there are no hotels. Each day you can move to a new place, not packing my suitcase and not even moving favorite Slippers from his bed. “The pluses of staying in the RV, I think the ability to freely build a travel itinerary, choose the most interesting places and formats rest,— said Artem Badalyan.— Trips in the motorhome you can take a much more personal things, from bikes and ski equipment to boats. If you wonder when you will pay off the purchase of motorhomes for vacation with your family or a large company, the answer is never. But yacht or aircraft purchase is also not for the sake of economy, and to maximize their capabilities and to stay in the format that is most convenient and enjoyable to you specifically”.Georgy Alekseev