GoFundMe claimed that the protest was illegal and refunded the donations.

The attorneys general of Missouri, and Texas announced that they are looking into GoFundMe to shut down a fundraiser for the Freedom Convoy of truckers in Canada.

In a Wednesday press release, Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, stated that GoFundMe’s reaction to an anti-mandate and pro-liberty movement “should ring alarm bells for anyone using the donation platform, as well as any American who wants to protect their constitutional rights.”
Paxton also accused GoFundMe of hypocrisy. He stated that many Texans supported Canadian truckers who protested the mandates of vaccines by donating through GoFundMe.

“Texans wanted their donations to be directed to this worthwhile cause. But, GoFundMe’s sudden refusal to channel donations towards truckers is hypocritical. It reflects their woke values. GoFundMe is not opposed to facilitating donations for many left-wing radical organizations that have terrorized the country for years.

Missouri’s Eric Schmitt also accused GoFundMe that it tried to silence Freedom Convoy. This Freedom Convoy has been the focus of media attention due to its resistance to coronavirus restrictions.
Today, my Office launched an official investigation into GoFundMe’s actions to silence Freedom Convoy. My Office had sent an earlier this afternoon a civil investigative request to GoFundMe in order to find out why the Freedom Convoy’s fundraising page was removed and why funds weren’t immediately refunded or given to the organizer,” he stated in a statement to Fox News Digital on Wednesday.

“I won’t stand by and let these tech companies perniciously cancel, or suppress speech they disagree with.” Keep watching.”

Fox News Digital reached out to GoFundMe for comment but they did not respond immediately. The company withdrew $10 million from donations meant for Ottawa protestors.

Texas issued a civil investigation demand to the company, directing it among other things to preserve and produce relevant documents.

GoFundMe stated in a press release that it was concerned by illegal activity during the protests.

The release stated that GoFundMe supports peaceful protests, and it believed this was the intent of Freedom Convoy 2022’s fundraiser when it was created. It continued. “We now have evidence that the peaceful demonstration was a sham, with police reports of violence or other illegal activity.”

According to the company, the situation has “evolved” and no additional funds will be distributed directly to Freedom Convoy organizers.

Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis told Fox News Digital recently that Florida will be investigating GoFundMe.

“But Big Tech, I think, it’s almost as if they’re cutting off their nose to make room for their faces. DeSantis stated that Big Tech is so ideological and in a bubble that they take actions that will alienate many potential customers. This could lead to them really harming their goals.