Military medical center in Odintsovo will open April 25

on Monday one of these sites located in Odintsovo, Moscow region, was inspected by the Deputy Minister of defence Timur Ivanov. He walked around the object, where the building of the hospital the Foundation already poured and there is mounting designs, talked to the workers. Then held by video conference meeting with the leaders of other construction projects. It turned out that there work is being done at an accelerated pace. This is how I hope the defense Ministry, will allow to Commission new health centres not in the middle of may as originally scheduled and earlier.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG the Cabinet of Ministers of 33.4 billion roubles for additional space in hospitals

So, the first such facility in Nizhny Novgorod, is designed to accommodate 60 military and civilian patients, the builders intend to put into operation on April 20. And the hospital in Odintsovo on 100 beds – five days later. Recall that according to the schedule its opening was scheduled for April 30.

the defense Ministry emphasize that we are not talking about temporary hospitals, and the construction of permanent buildings with a total area of 115 thousand square meters. They will be included in the infrastructure of existing military hospitals.

Every new medical center will be equipped with the most modern medical equipment, including computed tomography, apparatus for anesthesia, endoscopy and extracorporeal membrane oksiginatsii. For these hospitals the Department has formed the necessary stock of means of individual protection and medicines. And in Saint-Petersburg on the basis of the Military medical Academy organized the study and retraining of medical personnel, who will work in new medical centers.

Ministry of health: In Russia, prepared by 78 thousand beds for patients with coronavirus

Meanwhile, the defense Ministry announced that the Armed forces have spent about 3800 tests for coronavirus. The test, including, the head of the Ministry Sergei Shoigu. All the tests came back negative, sick in army and on fleet there. Earlier it was reported that in connection with the situation with coronavirus 32 military hospitals of the Ministry of defense has formed a special Department for 4800 beds, they are equipped with 2782 the ventilators.

in addition, the Armed forces launched 15 modern modular mobile complexes for the identification of new viral infections and more than 5.5 thousand static checkpoints thermometry. 1647 specially trained calculations ready to quickly decontaminate buildings and terrain.