Mike Tyson commented on his virtual victory over Mohammed Ali

American Mike Tyson commented on the victory over compatriot Mohammed Ali in the virtual tournament of the world Boxing series eWBSS Heavyweight Legends, which was designed to fill leisure time languishing in the isolation of the Boxing fans.

“I heard about these competitions. Perhaps I could win in a virtual fantasy tournament, but in a real fight, Ali would win. Muhammad – the greatest who ever lived boxers” – quoted BoxingScene Tyson.

In the final of the eSports tournament of the legends of heavy weight that lasted all 12 rounds, Tyson defeated Ali by unanimous decision – 114:111, 114:111, 114:111. Both players during the match went down.

Boxing matches between eight of the most famous heavyweights were conducted in the simulator EA Sports Fight Night Champion 2011 release. In the semifinal, Ali defeated Sonny Liston, and Tyson – George foreman.

the twenty-first century Ali, already suffering from Parkinson’s disease, also spoke about a hypothetical fight with Tyson.

“Tyson I would easily beat. He did not dare to go out with me one round I would’ve knocked him out with the first blow. There are opponents, which he can bite the ear, but at the same time there are opponents who can bite off his head”, – quotes the boxer Paul Morgan in the book “Muhammad Ali: fight of the century”.

Recall that the assets of Muhammad Ali 56 wins in 61 battle, and Mike Tyson won 50 of his 58 fights. Both legendary boxer in his time became world Champions in the heavyweight division.