Michelle Hunziker (43) spoke only a few days ago about her life in Bergamo, Italy, during the corona of a crisis. In virtual conversation with Thomas Gottschalk (69), Oliver Pocher (42) and Günther Jauch (63) told the presenter: “Bergamo is a city that is not so well off. We have a lot of people, which is very bad.” The home of choice for the presenter was the Symbol of the dangerousness of the Virus, nowhere else in Europe there were so many deaths.

The Swiss TV-Star now wants to help, together with her husband Tomaso Trussardi (36) and has collected for the hospital in Bergamo the money. “I gathered together with my husband Tomaso money for the hospital in Bergamo for ventilation equipment and additional beds, and there are already 1.2 million euros get together!”, she says to “image”. Especially, it is lacking in the hospital capacities in medical care, says Hunziker.

Hunziker house for 5. March not

to leave “We now have so many patients that our health system can no longer cope with this demand. Many people are in need of financial support. You are no longer able to pursue their profession, and this loss of income is not easy to absorb,” says the presenter.

Since the 5. March is isolated Hunziker and husband Tomaso, the daughters of Sole (6), Celeste (5) and Aurora (23), whose friend Goffredo, and a friend in their home in Bergamo. “We have decided at the beginning of the curfew, to be together in this constellation, and since then, we no longer have to leave the house,” she says.

“The current situation in Bergamo is really bad,”

The presenter reported: “The current situation in Bergamo is really bad, but we all try as best as possible to deal with the Situation.” In Bergamo, Mr. an absolute output yet always lock. “So you could go as a single person shop and the number of people within the super market is strictly monitored.”

Hunziker says that she has already lost people to the Coronavirus. A good friend of hers, the film Director Piero Chiambretti (63), lying on the intensive care unit. His mother died of the Virus. “We also have a lot of friends in Bergamo, who have lost their parents and on the ground are destroyed,” she says. (kad)