Sometimes it seems that we will in a few days I forget what it’s like quarantine, isolation, paused, business and a few thousand infected with a coronavirus in the day… you will Look casual in every bar humming again enjoy the streets again defile girls with cups of coffee at the ready, a social media flashed pictures of Lunches and dinners in restaurants. However, the restaurateurs that provide us with these meals, from a joyful mood far: according to them, the market is already short of many institutions and by September will be missing even more. And if the center of the capital there is still a chance to survive at the expense of turnover outside the TTC all just sad: and would work in the restaurants, Yes, but they have no one! For example, nicolò – Italian, a native of Verona, who runs a small pizzeria on the outskirts – told “MK”: if once a day he sold 70 pizzas, now – well, if 25.

When a small pizzeria welcomes you in Italian at first it seems that this concept – say, force staff, and actually work then the usual Masha and Vitya. However, if you look close – you know: no, the owner (who himself is behind the cash register and takes orders) of the Italian language is really native, and the products it offers are also the most Italian. As they say, sanctionee. Of course, taken in full accordance with the law, through San Marino. More recently, it would be possible to rejoice, saying, who will give up the chance to buy the Gorgonzola and real cheese, and at the same time alive to eat baked Italian pizza? However, after the pandemic issue has become from a different angle: customers will find if the point will survive!

Nicola is running in 2016. Until the beginning of 2020, he had two restaurant: in Zhukovsky in Moscow, but after the start of the pandemic point in Zhukovsky had to leave – she did not pay off. Now the task is simple: keep at least the rest of the pizzeria.

– not yet. People have less money, they began to consider, says Nikolo, If previously ordered, not looking up: and pizza and coffee and desserts, and cheese takeaway, now began to consider – for example, only one pizza for two and coffee. In addition, most of our clients are families with children, and now they had left the city, to the country: accordingly, and not order, and did not come. Let’s see what happens in September. Overall, however, compared to the previous year minus 70 percent of the profits. Things are very unstable: that is, the people, its not. We have reduced staff salaries and optimized all the costs, but still suffer losses. There is no revenue. Tried to refocus on shipping, however, failed – unfortunately, not unwound in the day sold a maximum of 5 pizzas. Although we still were glad to any client: better so what if the food in the fridge just went bad!

meanwhile, the district group in the social network pizzeria Nicolo was organized by the great is – in the best tradition of the idea of supporting small business, which has become the leitmotif of Moscow isolation. But, apparently, the social network is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of people in the “healthy” time passed every day through the shopping center.

Our conversation is interrupted by a call on a mobile phone – it seems that the order!

– Where are you? Metro Station “Yugo-Zapadnaya”? It is only if by taxi, I have not got my car. Clarify how much it will cost, explains Nikola companion. Three pizza? Yeah, okay, let’s do it!

Immediately after the call – signal to the chef in the kitchen: what kind of pizza to start cooking. In this case the owner of the institution the practical side of the craft is not alien to slice prosciutto or salami, to speed up the process – no problem!

Who is “his client,” Nikola knows very well – and is ready to make a fairly accurate portrait. A person living nearby. And most often it is families with children – the youth of the company, according to Nikola, the pizzeria is seeking – and not because the menu no alcohol.

– Not the format. Young people need to be able to sit for long periods with a laptop and we can’t afford such clients: just a few tables that need to serve fast. Not the flavours – no meat hot food, no burgers or kebabs. There are no bright spices. All bet that products are fresh – still a restaurateur.

Our conversation is interrupted a second time: here comes this girl, and it is immediately evident – the frequenter! Without hesitation, she asked for a little slice of prosciutto crudo and salami, weigh 100 grams of different varieties of cheese, and a few pieces of olives for dinner to red wine. However, these loyal (and solvent!) buyers – alas, in the minority.

We’re looking forward to September, but there is another problem: if you open borders, so our clients will leave the sea. Here is rich enough sleeping area, they will take that chance. Accordingly, put us on pause for some time. Next question: what am I going to sell? continues Nicola. Partly we partly passed on goods that are made in Russia, but Italian technology.

But, for example, artichokes I am not going to buy. The savings here is too expensive: for example, they do not cook in olive and sunflower oil – and the result is not the same. Or dairy products: I’ve tried Russian, but realized that the difference cannot be hidden – not because good or bad, but just the cows eat different grass, so cheese and milk is completely different. Now, after the coronavirus, is a lose-lose situation: the traffic is closed, there is no way to bring��ar. Residues that are received now sold out. Look forward to every day, but there is no guarantee. If we don’t receive the item, we will be forced to switch to Russian products. And it will be to the detriment of the taste of food. I have to be honest: if this continues, we won’t last.