Media: Tottenham would sell Kane to Manchester United for $ 250 million

the Tottenham intends to accept the offer from “Manchester United” on the sale of striker of the national team of England football Harry Kane, reports the Daily Mail. According to the newspaper, Manchester United are willing to purchase it for $ 250 million.

Photo: EPA-EFE/STR real Madrid does not intend to acquire Cristiano Ronaldo

it is Noted that spurs are ready to let go of their leader to cover the debts that are due to the construction of the new stadium are estimated at almost 800 million dollars. The club also needs more than a hundred million for the transfer of players.

the leadership of Tottenham yet other ways to pay off all these debts, but to sell several key players. Especially if the pandemic is in the early stages of the season will not be finished, the spurs will lose funds for TV coverage and revenues from sponsors. So the club is considering options that will have to part with top scorer and main striker for England and Harry Kane.

If the deal goes through, it will be a record amount of transfers in the history of professional football.